Every Fall the FYSA Age Chart changes for the upcoming year. The age guidelines are passed down from the Alaska Youth Soccer Association and the National US Youth Soccer Association. The Age Chart that we follow are National Guidelines.

The Age Chart is effective yearly, starting September 1st through August 31st.

FYSA approves very few play-up requests due to our guidelines; youth should play in their assigned age group. For further details on the Age Chart or for general questions please contact FYSA at 456-3976 or email.

According to US Youth Soccer Policy on Players and Playing Rules, rules 104 & 105 state:

Rule 104. AGE GROUPS

Except as otherwise provided by Rule 105, age groups shall be comprised of youth players who
are, before the first day of August of the immediately prior seasonal year-

(1) under 19 years of age.
(2) under 18 years of age.
(3) under 17 years of age.
(4) under 16 years of age.
(5) under 15 years of age.
(6) under 14 years of age.
(7) under 13 years of age.
(8) under 12 years of age.
(9) under 11 years of age.
(10) under 10 years of age.
(11) under 8 years of age.
(12) under 6 years of age.


A State Association may permit variances in Rules 104 and 205 of this policy in the best interest
of developing the sport within the jurisdiction of the State Association. Those variances do not apply to
the state level of US Youth Soccer National Championship or Regional or National League competitions.