Cold weather, poor road conditions, and forfeits:

There is no FYSA poor weather or road conditions policy . Parents and coaches must determine for themselves if they wish to participate. There will be no designated degree of coldness or other climate difficulties at which games or practices are automatically canceled.

Games are always played as scheduled and will not be rescheduled if a team forfeits for any reason.
Due to gym availability games that are forfeited for any reason will not be rescheduled. If you know that your team will not be participating in a scheduled game or practice; please e-mail the FYSA office as soon as possible. A cancellation to the school requires a 3-day notice (workdays).

FYSA Emergency Plan

FYSA Emergency Plan outlines the actions to be taken for "all hazards". In the event of an emergency, the Executive Director will proceed to ensure participants, spectators, staff, and FYSA Complex remain secure. If the FYSA Executive Director is not available the Head Referee or Office Staff will start action and notify the Executive Director immediately.

Evacuation and Shelter Procedures - Fire ~ Call 911 ~ Evacuate fields; immediately notify the FYSA Executive Director ~ Remain at least 75 feet from the fire

Lightning/Severe Thunderstorms - (Lightning is 2 or less miles away, a count of 5 seconds (Mississippi's) between the lightning and thunder. The fields stay clear until 30 minutes after the last sight or sound) Clear fields; the Head Referee / FYSA Executive Director will notify the referees and coaches to stop all games Instruct players and spectators immediately seek an appropriate safe shelter; hard topped vehicle. Avoid seeking shelter in open pavilion and concession area If you remain outdoors after the warning is issued you do so at your own risk

Intentional Unlawful Act ~ Seek safety ~ Call 911 ~ Immediately notify the FYSA Executive Director and Head Referee

Sports Injury Hotline Now Available to FYSA Players!

Injured? The Sports Injury Hotline is available to all FYSA players and referees. Call or email the Home Town Physical Therapy Injury Hotline at (907) 457-7678. A licensed Physical Therapist' will answer your questions in detail about prevention and treatment of your sports-related injury. Their complimentary service can point you toward the care and information you need; simply give them a call.