1. FYSA through the Executive Director is responsible for a Master Field Use Schedule. FYSA's regular Recreation and Competitive summer programs have scheduling priority over all other activities. The Master Field Use Schedule is comprised of the Recreation and Competitive leagues games and tournaments. Clinics and rental usage will be added where space is available. The Executive Director will update the schedule on a regular basis and the President and Executive Director both have authority to make changes.

2. Reservations for field rentals must be submitted on a FYSA Field Rental Request Form and will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. A $60.00 deposit will accompany each application. The remainder of the fee being paid prior to usage.

3. The Executive Director is authorized to rent field space.

4. Approval must be acquired in writing or email prior to field usage.

5. Violations of prior approval will cause the removal of the Coach and Players from consideration for field rental usage for the remainder of the current summer session.

6. FYSA will attempt to accommodate the time requests of applicants; however field rentals shall not interfere with regular session activities.

7. Field rental use shall not interfere with field maintenance activities and goals shall not be moved. Areas of the complex designated by the Executive Director or designated field maintenance personnel that are in need of rest will be off limits to rental usage. Goals are anchored for safety purposes, moving and un-anchoring goals may cause injury during the course of play. The removal of goals is expressly forbidden.

8. Local teams bound for Regional or President's Cup play are allowed up to 8-hours per week free use of the fields prior to regional play. All 8-hours must be scheduled through the Program Director ahead of time or free usage shall be cancelled. Guest players and or teams may be invited to scrimmage. In addition to the scrimmage guest activities are limited to a 20-minute pre- scrimmage warm-up and 20-minute post scrimmage cool down. Guest teams are not allowed to conduct independent practices at the fields. Guest play is limited to 4- hours per week. Violation of guest limitations will result in loss of field use for the team. See numbered paragraph 7 above for limits on conflicts with maintenance areas and moving of goals.


1. Open or exclusive enrollment clinics or camps, typically no more than 5 consecutive days in duration, offered to FYSA recreational or competitive registered players. Fees for clinics/camps over 5 days will require Board approval.

a. All participant player fees will be $15.00 per player.

2. Team practices or scrimmages for FYSA recreational or competitive registered players:

a. Half field $35 per hour

b. Full field $60 per hour

c. Scrimmages (2 teams) $75 per hour


1. Requests for cancellations or re-scheduling must be in writing and submitted to the FYSA office 7 days prior to the cancelled event to receive a full refund.

2. For activities cancelled less than 7 business days in advance, user will be refunded 50% of fees paid.