Outdoor Soccer Session

My child doesn't want to play soccer this session; can I get a Refund? Yes requests for refunds must be submitted in writing or by email within two weeks of the start of the session. Refunds will not be made after this period regardless of the reason. Refunds are subject to a $30 non-refundable administrative fee for all requests. After the second week of the season, no refunds will be issued.
What equipment does my child need? Parents must supply a good, supportive, laced pair of indoor shoes or soccer shoes. Shin guards are mandatory safety equipment and can be purchased at local sporting goods stores. Shin guards must have hard plastic reinforcement to be considered adequate protection; they may have additional foam or felt padding.
When does my child receive their unfirom? Each player will receive a jersey, shorts, and pair of socks from their coach on their first day of practice. The uniform is theirs to keep at the end of the season.
Do we still play in the rain? Yes we will still have games in the rain. The summer season is too short to be cancelling games. The only time we will cancel a game is when there is lightning, then the referees will clear the fields for safety purposes. Plan on dressing warm and coming out to the fields for your scheduled game, we will not reschedule games because of the weather.
Do we still play if the air quality is poor? Yes we will still have games when the air quality is at the "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" stage. FYSA policy is to cancel all scheduled games should the advisory level reach the RED (unhealthy) zone for safety purposes. FYSA continually checks the air quality website and the FYSA website is updated twice daily with the game forecast.
When a game night is cancelled? A decision will be made at 4:30 pm on the day of question, A email will be sent to all participants, FYSA will not reschedule games because of the weather
What if a forfeit occures due to the weather or no shows? Due to field, referee, and schedule availability games that are forfeited for any reason will not be rescheduled.
**For a No Show Game**- You may use the field space for the amount of time the game was scheduled to conduct a friendly scrimmage or practice. You may not use a referee for the friendly as they are not allowed to officiate non games due to FYSA & FIFA policies. If you know that your team will not be participating in a scheduled game; please e-mail the FYSA office as soon as possible.
Can I request a scholarship for my child? Yes a scholarship may be provided in a limited number to recreational players if an economic need is documented and justified in the judgment of the Executive Director.
Steps to Take:
Parents or guardians of the player will submit a one page or less statement of economic need and email it to FYSA.
To be considered, the statement of need must be submitted ten days prior to the session registration deadline.
Register you player online, when you come to the payment option choose "check", this will place a hold on your account until a decision regarding the scholarship has been made.
A minimum of 6 hours of volunteer time to FYSA will be required of the player or parent receiving the fee waiver. If a player or parent does not perform the volunteer work, future waiver requests will be denied.
Should the scholarship be approved there will be a $30.00 risk management fee and the possibility of only a partial scholarship where the parent would be required to pay a portion of the registration fee.
FYSA will only scholarship one player per family household
All fees would be required "paid in full" before the player is placed on a team.
At no time may a competitive player be awarded a fee waiver through FYSA.

What does U_ stand for? The U means for under the age listed. For example U8 would be for the age group of 6 & 7 year olds.


How are teams formed? Team placement is formed by middle school zones at the time registrations are received

League Practices

When does my child's team practice? Practices are on weekday evenings for one hour at a local elementary school in thier team zone area. There are no practices or games on the Fourth of July.

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