Team Pages

Teams Pages for Players / Parents

Parents and Players how to go to your TEAM PAGES. Start on the home page, then click on the Teams tab, then choose Team Pages, then player/parent button to log in. After entering your team username and password the coach gave you/ not the member username/password, your team web site will appear.

Coach Tools and Team Pages

Coaches please set up your page so you can communicate with your team and they can see what is going on during the session. If you have any problems do not hesitate to contact the FYSA Office.

Coach Tools allow provides you with tools you can use to communicate with your team and information about your team that you may need during the course of your season.

Log Into Coach Tools

Go to the web site address included in your email notification. If you do not know the address, it's most likely your organization's web site address with a /sam on the end.

Log on with your username and password included in the notification email. You'll see a list in the left pane with your team name(s). Click on the name of the team.

What Kind of Computer Can I Use?

You need to use a PC running Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater with a Windows 98 Operating System.

  • Activate Your Team Page
  • Click the "Activate Team Page" box.
  • Type your team name in the Display box after one has been selected. You can activate your team page without entering this information. You can enter it later.
  • Enter a username and password for your players and parents to use when THEY access the team page from the organization web site. Everyone on the team uses the SAME username and password.
  • Make sure to click Update to save your changes.

Manage Your Team Members

  • Below the activation area is a list of your rostered players. Click on a name and choose EDIT/VIEW to view the registration information for your player. You may or may not be allowed to edit that information. If you made a change to the registration information, make sure to click UPDATE or the change will not be saved.
  • Click on PRINT FORMS to print medical release forms from a PDF file for all your players. A PDF file can be read with Adobe Reader, a FREE software, that can be downloaded from
  • Click EMAIL ROSTER to email all your players, parents and other coaches.

Publish Information to Your Web Site:

You can make announcements, add events to your calendar, enter your game schedule and publish photo albums by making selections from the Communications menu item. To add a new calendar event, announcement, or photo, choose FILE/NEW from the menu at the top of your screen. If you want to edit or delete a communication item, click on the title of the item you wish to edit when it's displayed on your screen.

Where Do Parents and Players Go to See the Web Site?

Players and parents will go to your organizations web site and click the TEAM PAGES button to log in. After entering their username and password, your team web site will appear. If there is no TEAM PAGES button on your organization's web site, be sure to contact your web site manager and request that they activate that button.