Summer Soccer Fest 2014

Soccer Fest 2014 Has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

July 30 - U6 Co-ed and July 31 - U8 Boys & U8 Girls

Have a great Summer Fest Event and enjoy the sport of SOCCER!

FYSA 2014 Summer Fest Games

Every team plays a minimum of four games during the Summer Fest Games Events.

The Summer Soccer Fest Fun Event is a great end of the season activity where teams come together and plays soccer games in a fun exciting environment. Teams will play 4 games in a round robin environment, games are 15 minutes long and will run every 20 minutes. Teams may have to change fields for games and will have at least one break between games.

PARTICIPATION AWARDS: Everyone will receive participation patch including a participating medal. Coaches will be recognized for their dedication this summer. Do not leave after your last game until you receive your awards.

FORFEIT: Teams unable to field a minimum of four players at game time shall forfeit.

FIFTY PERCENT PLAY: Every player on a team is expected to play a minimum 50% of each game. Coaches may not short a player's court time in one game and make it up by giving extra field time in a future game. This includes guest players accepted on to the team for the event.

NO DUAL PLAY AND ROSTERS: No player may participate in the event on more than one team. No player may participate in event on any team other than their FYSA assigned team, unless, their assigned team will not be participating in the event.(which the Program Director of FYSA will only arrange) Weaker players cannot be cut from the team for game play time. Teams who place a player on the field that is not on their team roster will forfeit the game. The coach will also be put on probationary status with FYSA and may not be allowed to coach in the future.

SUMMER FEST RULES: The FYSA 2014 Outdoor Session Coaches Handbook will be followed for the Summer Fest Games.

THE EIGHT GOAL RULE WILL BE ENFORCED: Coaches are encouraged to pull high scoring players back to defensive positions BEFORE they are five points ahead. If you have a strong team, make it a team objective that every player on your team will score one goal during the event. Your strongest players should concentrate on feeding passes to your weakest players so that every child has a chance to succeed at scoring.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Help organizing the teams and make sure they are ready to start on time, and recognizing the coaches.

Soccer Fest Registration
Registration Deadline
July 18, 2014
U6 - U8 $75 Team Fee
Registration & Rules
Fairbanks Best Soccer



Which Way to GO?

Let the Games Begin!

Defense at it's Best!

It's a Team Effort

Half Time

Chasing the Ball

Awesome Move

Arctic Kickers

Soccer Fest

The Summer Soccer Fest fun day is a great end of the season activity.

Each player will receive a participation prize; along with recognizing the volunteer coaches.