The U5 League for Four Year Olds: The Program Where All Players are Stars!

Arctic Kickers June Session Dates: June 3- 28

Arctic Kickers July Session Dates: July 8- 31

The FYSA Recreational Soccer Program is designed to allow children the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding atmosphere. The first and foremost goal is to have fun, while developing soccer skills, developing teamwork skills, promoting fitness, building sportsmanship, and encouraging a lifelong love of the game.

Arctic Kickers are 4 year old players, and the teams are co-ed. Teams practice once each week for forty minutes, and scrimmage once a week for thirty minutes; scrimmage times will vary.

Arctic Kickers meet at the FYSA Soccer Complex Tuesday evening for practice.

Arctic Kickers will be introduced to the 4 v 4 "scrimmage" during the session on Thursday evenings at the FYSA Soccer Complex to assist in understanding the game at its most basic stage.

The number of players accepted in this division is restricted by field space.

Program Highlights: The Arctic Kickers Program is designed to introduce children to the concepts of fun and interaction within a relaxed environment. Practice sessions are designed to introduce the basics of dribbling, and kicking. They are introduced to 4 v 4 "real scrimmage" throughout the season, to understand the game at its most basic stage. Sportsmanship, general field boundaries, and directional play are important building blocks for these young stars, but the primary focus is fun. We encourage our Artic Kicker coaches to focus on skill building and taking direction, rather than on keeping score. Referees are not used as there are no official games. Parent volunteers will be coaching the practices and games.