Complex Supervisor Position

This position is seasonal full time starting in May and ending August. Hours are flexible and will range between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm with nights and weekends as needed for event coverage. The position requires full time availability with no extended personal leave to be taken within the first two months of employment.

This position is a continuing position for the right person from year to year, seasonally. The Complex Supervisor will report to the Fairbanks Youth Soccer (FYSA) Executive Director.

Position Requirements

Basic knowledge of the use of tools, equipment, supplies and methods used in the maintenance of sports fields, landscaped areas, and related facilities; principles of supervision and work management related to landscape maintenance activities; safe work practices and hazards associated with sports fields, equipment and chemicals used in pest control and grounds maintenance including proper handling techniques, and using budget information.

Skills in the identification and analysis of grounds maintenance problems and development of appropriate responses; application of supervisory principles to maintenance activities; supervising and evaluating individuals involved with maintenance operations.

The ability to maintain effective and appropriate working relations with youth crews, other employees, the public, City divisions and departments, and outside agencies.

Incumbents must possess the physical and mental capacity to work under the conditions described in this document and to perform the duties required by their assigned position.

Job Requirements:

  • Plan, organize, supervise, and coordinate the work of assigned crew's field maintenance activities.
  • Determines the type of work to be done, personnel and equipment needs. Development of a field maintenance task schedule.
  • Assigns tasks; along with personally completing assigned task and projects designated by the Executive Director.
  • Monitors progress of crews, and reviews completed projects.
  • Inspects fields, roads, surrounding areas, equipment and facilities to determine maintenance needs and safety hazards.
  • Plans, schedules, organize and assign work or develop related recommendations.
  • Maintains records of maintenance work and prepares reports.
  • Determines staff, equipment, materials and supplies needed for planned work programs; with FYSA Executive Director final approval on personal and expense items.
  • Prepares and reviews and assures the accuracy of field maintenance management information.
  • Prepares estimate of maintenance impacts due to field or landscape improvements.
  • Confers with FYSA Executive Director on unusual operations problems and participates in the development of solutions.
  • Prepares employee performance evaluations.
  • Provides safety and operation training to field crew personnel.