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Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association

Summer 2020 Program Status

Looking for info on summer soccer for 2020? The FYSA Staff has been busy putting together all the various details for summer programs. Registration is now open for all leagues, camps, etc. This page will serve as a snapshot of everything summer 2020 related with links to specific info pages here within the FYSA website. As reminder, if all you are looking for is the online registration process, just log into your account and click 'Register' and all available programs based on a player's birthdate will show.

IMPORTANT! Our website provider recently revised some of their fee structure for our cost of usage with this platform. There are many positive things we have grown to appreciate from our current system over the years. Despite the changes, it is still cheaper, more robust and meets the needs of our organization, especially on the back-end admin side (that few FYSA members ever see!) as compared to other alternative platforms. The only significant change that account holders will notice is a 'per-transaction service fee' ($2) that shows up in the checkout screen which goes to the website host and helps cover their costs (the platform is no longer owned and subsidized by Dick's Sport Goods). This 'transaction fee' will apply to each order. SO! If you have multiple children participating and/or if the same player is going to be getting signed up for more than one thing, take some time to look at the options available in advance. When you register, the system allows you to do everything at the same time. Avoid paying that service fee more than once by selecting all applicable camps, divisions, etc. for everyone you know is planning to play this summer and doing it in the same, single order. Just our 2 cents to save you 2 bucks!

Youth Recreational League

Youth ages 3 through High School will continue to have weeknight soccer divisions to choose from. We also have a Saturday morning program for ages 3 through 4th grade. All divisions in Grades K through High School will have 8 weeks of practices and games. PreK players will have two 4-week options to choose from. For summer programs, a player's grade is that which they'll be going into for the Fall 2020 school year. A detailed Youth Summer Soccer info page for everything youth program related (who plays on which nights, season dates, etc.) along with registration is available here on the website (click here).

New for Summer 2020. Volunteer as a 'Head Coach' for any division and, if assigned to a team, you will receive a 50% refund of your registration fee for that player (or for those playing in an adult division who coach a youth team), to be issued after the start of the season. Applies only to 'Head Coach' role. Don't forget to register as a volunteer when asked during the registration process. Discount will still be honored for those who come back & sign up to coach later on after registering. For questions about unique scenarios regarding this new volunteer incentive, contact FYSA.

Players can pre-order cleats directly through FYSA for the this summer! See our
Soccer Gear info page for details (click here)

Player Gear
The base registration price shown on the website covers the season fee. There are several required components to a player uniform and gear. Most of these items can be found from a variety of places, however all items CAN be purchased directly through FYSA during the registration process. The only item that MUST be purchased from FYSA is the blue/green reversible jersey that is required for all recreational players. Other required items include black shorts, shinguards, socks (must cover shinguards) and a soccer ball. Note: PreK players are only required to have the FYSA jersey and a ball. More details about player gear will be included on a full summer info page and will be on our Soccer Gear info page (click here).

Toddler Soccer
Our 'I Can Play Soccer 2' program for 2 year olds will return for summer 2020, with 'try it out' mini-sessions available over several weeks of the summer, both daytime and evening options on weekdays and Saturday morning sessions as well. We are thrilled to have a title sponsor, Alaska 529, supporting this program. Check out the ICPS2 program info page by clicking here! 

Adaptive Soccer
ASAP - Adaptive Soccer for All Players is a program of Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association intended to provide opportunities to enjoy our sport for any and all youth in the Fairbanks area who experience a disability. For more info about the Summer 2020 ASAP season, click here!

Eclipse Soccer Club Teams and Players

Currently, it is planned that players on established Eclipse Soccer Club teams will not have to do an individual player registration required to FYSA for the summer 2020 season. Instead, team managers and coaches will be contacted to confirm their plans for the summer as far as nights of the week for practices and games. A per-team fee will be billed to each ESC team to be paid by the same registration deadline as other summer programs.


There are 3 separate camp opportunities for players this summer.
Our Pre-Season Boot Camp, sponsored by Usibelli Coal Mine, will take place prior to the start of the season (dates being finalized) and is a great way for players to get a jump start of summer soccer training. This is a shorter, lower-priced camp available for players in grades Kindergarten through 9th (based on Fall 2020 grades). Older PreK players (born in 2015) will also be permitted to register.
UK International Soccer will host 2 weeks of camps in the weeks of June 1st and June 8th. Half day options are available for players ages 4 to 14 and full day options for players age 7 to 14.
Midnight Sun Soccer Camp will be a week of camp right after the summer solstice. The week of June 22nd is planned, with half day camp options in the morning or afternoon available for players in grades Kindergarten through 9th. 
More info for all of these can be found on our Summer Soccer Camps page (click here). 

Adult League
Adult soccer leagues are a great way to enjoy our sport during the beautiful summer months. These are open to all adults and older youth (min. age 14) with different divisions to choose from including Co-ed Recreational (small field on Tuesday nights), Co-ed Competitive (full field on Wednesday nights), Women's Recreational (small field on Thursday nights) and Men's Competitive (full field on Thursday nights). There is also a Friday Pick-Up Games division that can be registered for by itself OR added at no additional cost for any players participating in any adult division during the week. More info is available on the Adult Summer Soccer info page (click here).


We have summer sponsorship opportunities available now for businesses or individuals interested in supporting FYSA's soccer programs. Check out our sponsor page here!

FNSBSD High School Soccer
FYSA is contracted by the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District to help manage the High School soccer season this spring. Players will have an individual player registration to FYSA that they are responsible for. More info will be posted closer to the start of the season on our FNSBSD HS Soccer info page (click here).

Food Truck Rally
Friday May 29th from 3pm to 9pm will be our 5th annual Fairbanks Food Truck Rally! Click here for more info.

For those interested in becoming a referee for any youth or adult leagues, check out our info page for referee training opportunities by clicking here.