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Summer 2019 Season Picture Day Info

Hello Coaches & Parents.
Pictures will be taking place on our soccer field complex. Alaska Focus Photography has a trailer on the fields between field 29, and field 30 close to the fence on the south edge of the complex. Look for a big white trailer, and tents. See us in the office in the middle of the complex if you are lost, or have any questions!
The following email was sent out on Saturday, June 8th regarding summer soccer photos!



This is going out to all registrants for the summer recreational program. Alaska’s Focus Photography is setting up for the season’s team picture times. This year is a little different than the past so we wanted to highlight those changes.

PARENTS! Instead of printing 2,000 paper forms for photos, you can either order in advance online or print out a paper form directly at AFP will also have some printed forms on-site. This link also has some info about the process for soccer pictures this year.

COACHES! (Parents too, just FYI) Instead of having a specific date/time dictated to your team for assigned photos, AFP has created a large list of slots that coaches to choose from to sign-up for directly. Coaches were sent this link via email. If you’re a coach and did not receive or misplaced the message with that sign up link, please let us know so we can forward the information! Coaches, in order for AFP to be prepared, you need to sign up no later than the day before your desired date/time. Remember that you can do this on game day, practice day or any other day if it works well for the team. Understand that this creates some more work and burden on Alaska’s Focus Photography, but our request to have a way for teams to choose their picture session was met with support. So we hope this all works out! Sign up for your picture time ASAP and if its easier, have a parent help you with figured out what works best for the team by sharing that link if it helps.

Thank you for participating in our season this summer!

Jody & Michelle Littell
Alaska's Focus Photography
Phone: 907-458-8328