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Email Sent To Coaches May 29, 2020

Hello Coaches!

My apologies for not following up sooner. This week has been insane. Always a busy time of the year, but as with many other things in 2020, it has been a special kind of crazy. Our numbers are down from last year, as you would expect, but we are still sitting at 132 teams just for the youth recreational divisions, plus a 40% increase in adult league teams!

I want to share several notes across a variety of topics. Some of you are long time volunteers and don’t need much by way of reminders. Some of you are first timers and these are the folks I’m going to tailor the following notes to.

We are planning to have coach gear pickup starting this Saturday, from 10am to 4pm at the summer field office. The FYSA complex is 1901 Wilbur Street. Little white building down in the center. Feel free to drive down the center lane for gear pickup. Don’t have to come on Saturday. You can pick up your team gear all through next week as well. For each team we give coaches some ice packs, a whistle, at least a dozen cones, and some goalie gear for those ages that play with goalies. While all players are supposed to have their own ball, we also give coaches 2 extra balls so they have one for use during practice plus a spare and these can also be used for game balls. Additionally, we’ll have a small bottle of hand sanitizer for you to use as needed during the season, with refills available at any time in the office.

If you are interested in attending a free coach training next week, we have experienced coaches in town running camps through UK International Soccer. They have been sheltering in their host locations in CA since mid-March and the company brought them up to Fairbanks earlier last week to honor the travel quarantine restrictions the State of AK has in place. They’ll be ready to roll by next week! We have some options for mini crash-course clinics between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, June 2nd-4th. These sessions are only 45 minutes and you can attend one or more if desired. If you need to have a little one tagging along in order to attend, we wouldn't want you to miss out on the training, so feel free. We will also work with those coaches to make sure our volunteers have access to some of the coaching resources available from UKIS as well as the coaching educational materials from our parent organization SAY Soccer.

Here are the available time slots for each age group’s coach training. We would be grateful if you let us know if you plan to attend one of these so the coaches running the clinics can mentally prepare for a group of 3 vs. 23.

 Age Group Available Coach Clinics 
 PreK Tuesday. 6pm
 Wednesday. 6pm
 Thursday. 7pm
 Kindergarten and 1st-2nd Grade 
(5v5 format teams) Tuesday. 7pm
 Wednesday. 6pm
 Wednesday. 7pm
 Thursday. 6pm
 Thursday. 7pm
 3rd-4th Grade 
(7v7 format teams) Tuesday. 6pm
 Wednesday. 7pm
 5th-6th Grade, Middle School and High School (9v9 and 11v11 format teams) Tuesday. 7pm
 Thursday. 6pm

In the days after we post rosters and schedules, there is usually a flurry of activity. This year has been a hurricane.Sometimes families realize the day preferences they entered during registration have changed due to a variety of reasons. They may have forgotten to enter a cousin’s name for team placement for carpooling. Some folks may have withdrawn for the season, others have been added. We sent rosters to everyone Monday morning, but I’m guessing there are more teams that have changed even if just slightly, compared to those who have remained the same. It would be good to check your roster again as we get closer to the start of things.

In fact, you can check your roster at any time. There are 2 ways to do so. You can just email us [email protected] and it’ll take a few clicks but we can shoot one right off to your email.

You can also access your roster by yourself at your convenience. Some screen shots are attached at the bottom that can show examples of what is explained next. Log into your account. Click the ‘Volunteer Tab’ to the left if viewing from computer (stacked slightly differently in mobile view). Underneath your name you should see what you’re signed up for and there is a button that says ‘Visit Team Page’. Click that. Tip: you can actually get to this same Team Page even easier if you have a child playing on the team you coach. From your main My Account screen, where you see your child, under their name is the same link. On this team page, there are some things that are less useful for us. However, there is a Calendar tab that is useful (but you can see your schedule in your main account without going to the team page as wel). The ‘Email’ tool is an easy way to contact the team rather than copying and pasting everything into your own email application. There is also a useful app called Team Manager, which is able to link to our system, look it up in your app store if you’re interested. But here on the Team Page is a ‘Roster’ tab. Click on that and you’ll only see basic info like names. Don’t bother with the ‘Edit Roster’ button. Not as useful. Instead click on the ‘Print Roster’ button that you’ll see and from there you can generate a roster than has contact information for your team.

So Team Page has way to email everyone and get a roster, or if you’d like we’re happy to send one from the admin side from the widgets we have access to.

Please reach out and contact your team in the next few days. Make sure they know how to find their schedules online. They can do that from within their own account in the website. Additionally, in the future if someone ever needs to check their schedule for reference but doesn’t want to bother logging in and going through those steps, our main website has an all-in-one Schedules page here:

They will have to use drop down menus to filter it to your specific program and age group and team, but that will have all your games listed in one place. For privacy, it doesn’t say who is on these teams you see the schedule for, since you can view these without logging in. So any parents/coaches checking on schedules this way just has to remember what their team name/number is.

Make sure parents know how to view their schedule, and then for all teams Kindergarten and older, the next step is to plan your first practice. Saturday games start June 6. Weeknight divisions start the week of June 8. We assume every team will be looking to have their first practice some time in the coming week (you might opt for early in the week of June 8 if you don’t have a first game until 6/10 or 6/11. Totally your call).

You are welcome to use any local park or school field that you’d like for practices. All of those spaces are open to the public and first come first served. However, if you would like to use any field space that is under FYSA, you can as long as you have coordinated with us first. Through our facility agreements with the FNSB Parks and Rec, FYSA managers the main field complex on Wilbur St, the Artificial Turf fields (for select time slots we reserve), Morning Star field in North Pole and Newby Field in North Pole. If you’d like to set up a practice slot at any of these locations for teams in grades Kindergarten through HS, please just email us with your preferred days and time. We will get things mapped out to try and avoid conflicts as much as possible and get back to you with a specific field # that will be blocked out for your usage for practices.

Here is our field map for 2020

For the first week of practices, since there are essentially no youth games the week of June 1, you can definitely set a specific day and time for your team to meet. I’ll still follow up with a detailed practice space assignments for the season, if you’ve requested something, but for next week you can let your families know when you’d like to meet and just tell them the field # is TBD for the moment.

PreK groups. You don’t have to worry about any of that :) Your schedule is set and you’re good to go!

We use our blue/green reversible jerseys for all youth recreational games. There are a few teams with some neat sponsor jerseys this season, but essentially our rule of thumb is ‘Home team is listed first on the schedule and they wear BLUE, while the Away team is listed second and wears Green’. IF there is ever some game day with funky attendance and a team is short, one benefit of the reversible jerseys is the ability to loan a player or two out to balance things up and get more playing time for everyone.

Things like that, along with other guidelines, policies, rules, etc. are contained in our ‘Program Handbook’ each season. We will have these available in print form and posted online this weekend by the time we start coach gear pickup. In that packet will also be a copy of the field map as well as our Mitigation Plan for the season which can be found online at (we are working on a more condensed, single-page, ‘give me the highlights’ version of this document).

If you are coaching a team, as part of our communicated commitment for the season to show appreciation for your time and effort, you will receive 50% off of your player’s registration (100% if a PreK player), or 50% off your own registration if you play adult league and don’t have a child playing. You can decline the discount if that is your preference and we are also happy to apply this to another family on your behalf, upon request. This will be something we sort out after the first week of the season is under our belts. If you have an open balance for the season, feel free to leave it in place for now. If you’ve already paid, this discount will just be retroactive and we’ll send you that partial refund.

I’m sure there will be some of you who have other questions. We are here to assist you as you make our entire program possible with your time and effort. Feel free to reach out. We will probably be busy for the entire coming week, but when you stop by to grab your gear, don’t hesitate to ask questions. In the meantime, feel free to check your roster again and shoot a message out to your team, either by email or by contacting them by phone/text if appropriate. We’ll see soon when you stop by for your gear.

Thanks again for your patience and support!

Colt Chase
FYSA Executive Director
[email protected]
907-456-3972 office
907-987-6334 cell (text ok)

Also happy to help you are Tanisha Smith and Myha Cortez, our program coordinators
[email protected]

New Volunteer Coach Appreciation & Incentive for 2020!


Volunteer as a 'Head Coach' for any division and, if assigned to a team, you will receive a 50% refund of your registration fee for that player (or for those playing in an adult division who coach a youth team), to be issued after the start of the season. Applies only to 'Head Coach' role. Don't forget to register as a volunteer when asked during the registration process. Discount will still be honored for those who come back & sign up to coach later on after registering. For questions about unique scenarios regarding this new volunteer incentive, contact FYSA.

Coaches! To view the 'Summer 2020 Program Handbook' CLICK HERE

Youth Soccer Coaches Needed For Summer 2020 Season!


The FYSA Summer 2020 soccer season is starting soon and we are in need of volunteer coaches for a variety of ages of youth recreational teams. This rewarding experience is a great way to make a difference in the lives of the young members of our soccer community!

Our programs range from Pre-K through High School with time commitments for coaching being as little as '1 hour a week for 4 weeks' to the most being '4 hours (between 3 nights) a week for 8 weeks'.

If you have any interest in sharing a love for soccer with the youth of our community, we want you involved! No previous coaching experience is required. We offer a free pre-season training session and individual support for those who are willing but feel like they don't know how to turn that desire or their soccer experience (small or large) into a successful coaching experience. Trust us, it is NOT as difficult as you may think and the experience is rewarding as you see youth learn and enjoy their time on the soccer field.

Older teens can also coach the younger age group teams so if you're a soccer loving high school player and want to give back to the program, let us know!

Contact us at [email protected]
or feel free to call the office at (907) 456-3972 or text (907) 987-6334 

Thank you for helping spread the word and for supporting our soccer community. Don't forget to SHARE!

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ASAP - Adaptive Soccer for All Players

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Helpful Websites

SAY Soccer is FYSA's parent organization for recreational programs. On their website there are some great resources such as video drills, printable drills, even an entire seasons worth of practice plans that you can choose from.

SAY Soccer Coaching Resources:

SAY Soccer Video Drills

SAY Soccer Printable Drills

US Youth Soccer is another great resource. The USYSA Coaching Education Department recently published some excellent 'Assistant Coach Series' publications. These practice activities are great resources.

US Youth Soccer Coaching Resources 

US Youth Soccer Lesson Plans

SoccerXpert has over 160 quality and easy-to-follow drills for beginner to advanced skill and age levels. These are “organized and focused” practices, targeting specific topics one at a time with fun and effectiveness as the driving force to motivate mentees.

The site also comes with a new app that will help coaches become better at their teaching craft. It has built-in features that allow coaches to take inspiration from the resources provided, build their own curriculum, and plan out their team practices.

Find the link here