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Answers to Questions About Artificial Turf Safety

In response to questions about safety as it pertains to the new artificial turf fields here in the Interior, the Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation Department, who oversaw the project, provided some of the resources that were obtained in the research and development stage of the entire process. There have been concerns about health and safety in regards to the materials used for artificial turf fields and the information provided here is intended to help answer some of those questions and assure parents and players that the utmost attention was given to ensuring the safety of our athletes.
In general, players can still use regular soccer footwear when playing on the turf. Some find that turf specific soccer shoes are a much better feel on the surface than regular cleats. There is absolutely a different sensation to running on turf versus grass and the ball reacts slightly differently.
There are definitely pros and cons to each type of playing field.
Players should also be aware that sliding on the turf may also result in different consequences compared to sliding on grass. 'Turf burn' (kind of like rug burn) may result from careless sliding, so caution should be given when deciding to make such a move. 
Due to the materials that the turf fields are composed of, the average temperature on the field will often be a few degrees warmer than a grass field. Players should always be well hydrated before playing soccer, or any sport! When playing on the turf that advice should be heeded even more so. On that note, we remind everyone that only water is to be used when playing on the turf. Gatorade, coffee or any other non-water drinks should be left off the turf (this restriction is for all turf areas, including team benches. The non-turf areas for spectators are the only places that non-water drinks and food should be consumed.
Feel free to review the following information regarding safety matters for artificial turf fields:

fieldturf_safety_proven_with_science 1 1 2.pdf
circular ltr 2015-02 connecticut reaffirms safety of artificial turf.pdf
customer letter - recent crumb rubber reports.pdf