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This message is going out to all those who are registered for the soccer camps run by U.K. International Soccer over the next 2 weeks. We have a few notes to go over before Monday morning comes, so please take a moment to read through the details below and let us know if you have other questions.

Where to Go. The UKIS camp will take place at the FYSA soccer fields at 1901 Wilbur Street.

Drop-Off and Check-In. With over 45 players registered for camp, the area down by the summer office is far too congested for drop-off and pick-up for those arriving in the morning. For Monday’s first morning of camp, please park and check-in by Fields 10 and 11. A UKIS coach will meet you there to check-in before players separate to their various areas. See the FYSA 2019 Field Map here:

Pick-Up. By the end of each day of camp, these kiddos should be tuckered out! Pick-up will take place at the pavilion which is located just next to Field 21 near the center of the complex. The note above regarding congestion in the staff parking area would still apply. However, parking just directly up from the pavilion is the best option (vs. parking near Fields 10-11). On the field map, the parking area above the logo for field sponsor ‘Orthopedics & Sportsmedicine Fairbanks’ is the closest access for parking for pick-up at the pavilion.

Important note for Half-Day AFTERNOON folks. If you are an afternoon-only half-day camper, please check in at the pavilion. That is where coaches will be with full-day campers finishing their lunch.

Times. If you are unsure whether you are registered for full day camp or half day camp (morning or afternoon), please check your account online. Underneath your player in the My Account screen, you should see the week of camp and the times for your registered program. For morning half-day and full-day campers, camp begins at 9am. Please arrive about 15 minutes early on the first day to allow extra time for check-in. Half-day morning campers are done at 12pm. Full-day campers and afternoon-only half day campers are done at 3pm.

What to Bring. Each day at camp please remember to bring a soccer ball, shinguards, plenty to drink, sunscreen, snack (optional), lunch (for full day campers) and program shirt (after receiving on Monday).

We do still hold soccer in the rain. There are clear policies regarding lightning, issues of air quality (smoke) and more. However, the benefits of being at the soccer fields mean that if there are issues, we can have players and coaches brought into secure areas such as the pavilion or FYSA office or field maintenance areas. Plan on camp taking place unless you hear otherwise!

UKIS has some additional information on their website regarding what to expect through the camps they offer at locations like ours. Feel free to take a look at their online resources, including a daily camp calendar, ‘Moves of the Day’, FAQ’s and some resources for curriculum. Check out

We’re excited for the next two weeks of camp and look forward to seeing you out here at the fields. Have a great weekend!

Colt Chase
FYSA Executive Director
[email protected]com

Summer 2019 Soccer Camps at the FYSA Complex


Each summer, families have a variety of soccer camps and clinics available, ranging from 2 to 5 days, with many half-day and full-day options. Some weeks offer options for certain ages, but typically no 2 weeks are the same. We may have other options added as the summer approaches. This year we are excited to welcome back U.K. International Soccer for two weeks in June. We'll also have other training options with local or guest coaches during other weeks of the summer. See below for more details on the various soccer camps for Summer 2019. 

Log into your account to see available programs or scroll down for a registration listing.

May 21st-22nd
Pre-Season 'Boot Camp', sponsored by Usibelli Coal Mine
Looking for assigned time? Log into your account and under your player's name it will show the program name which includes the session (Morning, Afternoon or Evening) and the time (10am, 1pm, 3pm or 6pm)

Need to shake the cobwebs out of the winter soccer muscles and get off to a good start this summer season? Looking to learn some new things or refine some other skills? Player development is a tough thing to make happen on its own. The last couple years, FYSA has held a pre-season 'Boot Camp' as a way to give players the chance to get a head start on summer soccer activities. Local, experienced coaches will run small group sessions with players close in age and provide focused, condensed training sessions. The goal is for players to take away some individual skills that they can be working on throughout the summer and hit the ground running as the season begins the following week.

Registration includes two 90-minute training sessions between Tuesday/Wednesday May 21st-22nd. Specific session times show up when you view your account. Under the player's name will list the session (Morning, Afternoon or Evening) and the assigned time (10am, 1pm, 3pm or 6pm).

The Pre-Season Boot Camp is for players ages 4-14 and the cost is $35. Register by April 30th and receive a camp shirt! However, thanks to a generous sponsorship from Usibelli Coal Mine, the first 100 players will be able to register for the boot camp for FREE!!! (Note: the 100 free registrations mark has been hit as of Monday afternoon 3/18).  In addition to free registration for the first 100 players, Usibelli's sponsorship will provide every single boot camp participant to have a follow-up, private (small group) training session later in the season. After camp is finished, FYSA will work with the local coaches and communicate with account holders how they can sign up to have some free, follow-up training for their boot camp attendee later in the season. A huge THANK YOU to Usibelli Coal Mine for providing the support for our soccer players and their development.

 June 3rd-7th
Recreational Player Camp, hosted by FYSA, and guest coaches through Eclipse Soccer Club.
Looking for assigned time? Log into your account and under your player's name it will show the program name which includes the session (Morning or Afternoon) and the time (9:30am-12pm or 12:30pm-3pm)

5 day camp (Mon-Fri), with a half-day option only (morning or afternoon) for ages 4 to 12. The local competitive soccer club, Eclipse, has an annual camp week for their club teams to get in-depth training. Highly-qualified guest coaches, hosted by Eclipse SC, visit Fairbanks each summer for this week of camp. Eclipse shares from their guest coaches, along with other local experienced coaches, to provide a half-day camp option for recreational-level FYSA players. Cost is $100 per player with a $10 discount for anyone who also participated in the Pre-Season Boot Camp or who registers for both morning and afternoon sessions. Check out registration below!

June 10th-14th and June 17th-21st
UK International Soccer Camps

UK International Soccer is excited to hold a 5 day camps, Monday through Friday, during the weeks of June 10th and 17th at the FYSA complex. These camps are led by highly qualified coaches from the Football Association (F.A.) from Great Britain. UKIS hosts camps all across the country and have brought their expertise to Fairbanks for many summers now. Camp options include half days (9am-12pm) for ages 4 to 14 and a full day option (9am-3pm) for ages 7 to 14. They also offer a focused training specific for goalkeepers and strikers on Saturday morning from 10am-12pm (optional add-on during registration for $30). Over 1,000 youth in FYSA have experienced what UK International Soccer has to offer over the last several years and we're excited to have them back for 2019. Prices are $200 for full day camps and $145 for half day camps. A sibling discount of $10 is applied as well as a $15 discount if you register for both weeks. Check out registration below!

Small-Group 'Soccer Lessons'
After the Pre-Season Boot Camp has finished, FYSA will work with local coaches to arrange date and times for individual, small-group, private training sessions, or 'soccer lessons'. These will be available on a variety of days with multiple options to choose from in an 'ala carte' style registration. Remember, those who participated in the Boot Camp will be able to sign up for one free session of 'soccer lessons' as part of Usibelli Coal Mine's sponsorship! Check back here for more details later in May.

For more information about UK International Soccer, click the links to their company website below!

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