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Youth Indoor Soccer - Winter 2020


FYSA indoor soccer programs are a great way for youth to keep active during the long winter months. Here we will share information for all youth programs. See our 'Adult Indoor Soccer' page for details on those divisions. As always, if you can't find answers to a question here, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call 907-456-3972

Click here to view the the current Indoor Program Handbook

Program Options

The 'Winter' indoor soccer season registration divisions are set up as follows:
PreK. For those not yet in Kindergarten. Minimum age 3 by Feb. 1st. Maximum age is 5 as of 9/2/19 (older PreK players may also request to play up in the Kindergarten division if desired)
Recreational (Rec). For players in grades Kindergarten through High School. 
Advanced Recreational (AR). For players born 2006-2012.
Eclipse Soccer Club. There is a separate division for Eclipse SC teams this season. However, coaches/managers will register their squads with FYSA directly. In other words, Eclipse parents do NOT need to register individual players for the Winter 2020 indoor season. Coaches/managers will provide further info to ESC families.
See further below for program specific details for each division.

Season Dates

groups will have a 6 week season, beginning early February.
Recreational teams will have an 8 week season starting the week of January 27th.
Advanced Recreational teams will also have an 8 week season, with the same dates as the Recreational division.
Eclipse SC teams with participating squads will also have 8 weeks of games.

Please note, these are subject to change due to availability of the school gyms allocated to FYSA by FNSBSD Building Rentals department. This, plus spring break, means a season with 8 weeks of games may span 9 or 10 weeks. Travel plans with Eclipse SC teams will also be taken into considering and may affect total length of schedule for those squads. 

Registration Period

Registration will open early November and close at 11:45pm on Sunday, January 5th. At that point, the FYSA office will be closed for the following 2 days (Mon/Tues Jan. 6th-7th) to allow time for staff to focus on the initial season organization work of team formation, schedule creation, etc. with the goal of re-opening programs for late registration by the end of that week. Additional registrations will be taken on a space-available basis. When all rosters in a division are filled, a Waitlist is automatically activated, and any additional interested participants can register for the Waitlist (no cost to do so) and will be contacted if a space opens. Please note, due to limited gym availability, program caps are sometimes set in prior to the registration deadline (unlike summer soccer programs). This means that age groups MAY fill before the end of registration. In other words, don't delay, sign up early!


participants will have the option during registration to select their preference for their weekly session. Options will include Fridays at 6pm or Saturday mornings (times TBD). Most PreK groups will meet at a local Fairbanks elementary school, however we typically organize 1-2 groups at a North Pole location on Friday evenings as well. It is unlikely that our gym availability will permit it, however if a family would like to be considered for a non-Fri/Sat day preference (should that become possible) they can indicate that as well. We strive to keep the same day/time for PreK groups, however a location may occasionally vary due to gym schedules.

teams will have a weekly practice on a weeknight and a game on Saturdays. Exactly times are TBD and based on final registration numbers, gym availability and any special parameters for any volunteers coaching more than one team. While weeknight practice may be on any given night, we try and keep things consistent for teams over the course of the season. However, no 2 weeks are the same as far as the gym schedules we are allocated. Additionally, certain nights we are given very few gyms (due to other user groups utilizing district facilities). Fridays traditionally have been the night we have the most time/space available, so a good percentage of teams will see practices on Fridays.

Advanced Recreational 
teams will have a similar schedule to the Recreational division.

Eclipse SC teams that have participating squads will have games on Saturdays and a weekly, weeknight gym slot allocated to their team for practices. All these details are TBD just like Recreational team schedules and will be formed in early January after the close of registration. 

standard scheduling windows for all age groups and programs (PreK, weeknight practice, Saturday games, etc.) are 1-hour time slots. Eclipse SC weeknight practice times are typically longer due to team sizes.

General Info for All Recreational (including AR) Programs

All teams are co-ed and use local school gyms. The same cutoff the school district uses (age 5 by Sept. 1st for Kindergarten, age 6 by Sept. 1st for 1st grade, etc.) is built into the system. This structure is used up through each age division. If you have a child who is outside of that typical age/grade set up and the system is generating an incorrect age group, OR if you'd like your child to 'play up', feel free to contact FYSA directly.

Teams are general formed based on geographic zones for players in grades K-12. However, there are no guarantees that players utilize specific gyms as that is based on what is allocated to FYSA by the school district for specific nights. Our goal is for youth to have the chance to see a familiar face or two on their team.

During team formation, we strive to make all teams as balanced as possible. This is easier said than done and even an age group that appears perfectly 'balanced' on paper likely may not be due to each unique player's experience. While all teams are co-ed, there are no specific requirements for the ratio or number of players of each gender out on the court at all times during matches. The best way to keep things balanced is our Fair Play Policy, which ensures that all players receive a minimum of 50% of playing time during matches they are present. Additionally, rosters are kept to and appropriate size to allow players to have as much, usually more, time on the court vs. on the bench (ex. age groups playing 5v5 would have a roster max of 10).

One of the more common questions we get pertains to carpooling needs. During registration, you can provide a name of a specific player to be considered for team placement. Additionally, players wanting to play up into an older age group should contact FYSA prior to registering.

Program Specific Info

groups will meet weekly for a hybrid session, focusing on basic soccer skills and fun activities and games that help grow a love for the sport and enjoy general organized group physical activity. Formal matches against 'opponents' are not scheduled, but coaches are welcome to set up mini games of 2v2, 3v3, etc. when appropriate for their players. Parents are encouraged (sometimes expected!) to be involved at this age, specific to their own child's needs and per the coach's request.

teams are meant to be for all players whether brand new or with several seasons under their belt. There are no league standings kept or an end-of-season tournament. The emphasis is on fun rather than winning/losing. Coaches are all typically volunteers, with training and assistance provided by FYSA for all those who desire it.

The Advanced Recreational division is meant to be an opportunity for recreational players of a higher skill-level, born between 2006 and 2012, who are looking for a more advanced experience. Teams will be formed like typical recreational teams, using geographic zone, player ages, gender, etc. If there are sufficient participants, these Advanced Rec (AR) teams will play solely other AR teams of similar ages. Otherwise, the plan is for AR teams to have matches scheduled against teams made up of Eclipse Soccer Club players who 1-2 years younger than the AR team players, to create more balanced match-ups.

With a higher level of play comes a more competitive spirit during games, but the expectations for fair play, sportsmanship, etc. are still in place so that focus can remain on fun, just with a higher level of gameplay. Our hope is that this separation of 2 tiers of teams (Rec vs. AR) will better serve the more beginner players as well as the more advanced players. There are no tryouts or skill assessment plans at this time and players/parents are expected to self-select their appropriate program. Communication prior to the season will take place to ensure players are in the appropriate division and make any necessary adjustments to balance things as best we can. This is new for FYSA for the Winter 2019-2020 season and we look forward to seeing how it can enhance our program options

Eclipse Soccer Club teams have often participated in an Eclipse vs. Eclipse season of indoor soccer in the 'Fall' portion of the school year. In 2019, the decision was made to shift their typical seasonal cycle, break for a few months in the fall, and have this ESC season occur in the 'Winter' portion of our programs.

Each team's coach/manager will confirm with FYSA how many 'squads' they will field for the Saturday game schedule. Some coaches will prefer to have smaller squads in order to have more playing time for the players on their team. Other coaches may be aware of commitments from players on their team that may affect Saturday game attendance and opt to field fewer 'squads'. Because each team's situation is a little different, we wanted to find a more equitable way to have registration costs covered for the Eclipse side of the FYSA programming. The solution was to eliminate the obligation for parents to have an individual player registration for Eclipse SC participants. Instead, teams will pay a 'per-squad fee' directly to FYSA and managers can determine what the appropriate amount for participating players to pay back to the team account. To confirm, Eclipse teams will pay registration for the Winter 2020 season directly to FYSA and parents do not have to register their individual player on the website. 

When we have a final breakdown of each team and the number of squads participating, FYSA staff along with input from coaches and Eclipse Technical Director and Director of Coaches, will create a pairing matrix to identify, 'ideal', 'acceptable' and 'not acceptable' pairings for the various ESC squads. Some younger or older teams may have a limited number of opponents. Some teams maybe have a week of playing another of their own squads. All efforts are made to balance the complicated variables of when all club teams are playing each other. Additionally, if there are participating 'Advanced Recreational' teams of an appropriate age, those squads may be inserted into the game schedules for Eclipse teams, being matched up only against ESC teams of younger ages to create a more competitive game setting.


If you have any questions about any indoor program details, feel free to contact FYSA at [email protected] or 907-456-3972

Uniform Info for Recreational Players


"What does my player need to play?"

A soccer player's uniform consists of 5 items and they all begin with 'S': Shirt, Shorts, Shinguards, Socks and Shoes. Please read through each category to understand uniform guidelines for your child.

SHIRTS. Every player needs to have one of the FYSA blue/green reversible jerseys as shown in the image above. These were introduced for the summer 2017 season. Any players who still have their jersey should continue to use it! If a player is new to our league, has lost their jersey, grown out of it or worn it out, they need to buy a new reversible jersey. This can be done during registration. Be sure to check 'Yes' when asked about purchasing a new jersey ($16). If someone forgets to add this during registration or if they accidentally paid for a jersey that they didn't need, just contact FYSA to get things squared away.

SHORTS. PreK players are permitted to wear athletic pants, sweats, etc. All recreational players in grades K-12 shall wear BLACK shorts for soccer games. FYSA has these for sales for $4 each, however you don't have to wear 'our' brand/style. They should just be black and be the loose, athletic style. Volleyball, spandex, denim or cycling type shorts are not acceptable. Goalkeepers are permitted to wear pants as are other players with religious considerations (skirts are acceptable). 

SHINGUARDS. All players in grades K-12 shall wear shinguards for all soccer activities. PreK players will not be turned away if they show up without shinguards. However, because they are required for all games in K-12 divisions, the PreK stage is the perfect time to get used to the feeling of this important piece of equipment. FYSA has shinguards for sale for $10.

SOCKS. This is an easy one! Socks must cover the shinguards completely. Note: unlike a player's shorts (black), there is no mandated color requirement for socks for our league. FYSA has these for sale for $4 each.

SHOES. No cleats. Indoor soccer shoes or non-marking tennis shoes are to be worn.

BALL. Indoor soccer programs utilize a 'futsal' ball, which is a slightly heavier, low-bounce ball, meant to keep the play low to the ground and closer to your feet. Futsal is the name of hard-court, indoor soccer around the world and futsal balls are a standard piece of equipment that help better suit the unique gameplay of the indoor game. Players are not required to own their own futsal balls. Coaches will receive a small batch of balls to use for practices and games. However, a new futsal ball can be purchased during registration for $20.

A final note on player equipment: JEWELRY: No jewelry of any kind, including watches, shall be worn while playing soccer. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other piercings. Simply putting a piece of tape over a piece of metal does almost nothing to prevent possible injury. There are plenty of horrific images available (which we're inclined to not post here!) to illustrate potential damage to oneself or another player, that can be prevented by removing jewelry prior to soccer activities. While some may respond that new piercings can't be taken out otherwise the tissue might close, this is not the case for the short period of time a player is on the field. If there is a concern of this nature, a parent can help a player replace the piercing as soon as a player is subbed off the field and remove them before going back in. Just like other preventable injuries, no one who has had this happen to themselves would have thought it was possible that it would be a such a concern, until it was. It might be uncomfortable to remove and replace a piercing, but the potential for serious injury is of far more concern.  

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