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Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association

FNSBSD Middle School Soccer

This registration is for those participating in Fairbanks North Star Borough School District's Fall 2019 Middle School soccer season with their respective school. Once schools/coaches have teams formed, they will instruct players to register here (see bottom of page for registration button or log into your account and click Register Now and select the option that references FNSBSD)

Below is a game schedule. All games take place at the FYSA soccer complex at 1901 Wilbur Street.  An updated fall Field Map is posted below the schedule.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!

[email protected]

DayDateTimeHomeAwayGenderLocationGame #
Thursday8/294:45 PMTananaRandy SmithGirlsField 131
Thursday8/296:15 PMTananaRandy SmithBoysField 152
Tuesday9/34:45 PMRandy SmithNorth PoleBoysField 153
Tuesday9/34:45 PMRyanMonroeBoysField 204
Tuesday9/36:15 PMRandy SmithNorth PoleGirlsField 135
Tuesday9/36:15 PMRyanMonroeGirlsField 216
Wednesday9/44:45 PMTananaMonroeGirlsField 217
Wednesday9/44:45 PMNorth PoleRyanBoysField 208
Wednesday9/46:15 PMTananaMonroeBoysField 209
Wednesday9/46:15 PMNorth PoleRyanGirlsField 2110
Thursday9/54:45 PMTananaRyanBoysField 1511
Thursday9/54:45 PMMonroeRandy SmithBoysField 2012
Thursday9/56:15 PMTananaRyanGirlsField 1313
Thursday9/56:15 PMMonroeRandy SmithGirlsField 2114
Monday9/94:45 PMNorth PoleTananaGirlsField 1315
Monday9/96:15 PMNorth PoleTananaBoysField 1516
Tuesday9/104:45 PMRyanRandy SmithGirlsField 2117
Tuesday9/104:45 PMMonroeNorth PoleBoysField 2018
Tuesday9/106:15 PMRyanRandy SmithBoysField 2019
Tuesday9/106:15 PMMonroeNorth PoleGirlsField 2120
Wednesday9/114:45 PMRyanNorth PoleGirlsField 2121
Wednesday9/114:45 PMMonroeTananaGirlsField 1322
Wednesday9/116:15 PMRyanNorth PoleBoysField 2023
Wednesday9/116:15 PMMonroeTananaBoysField 1524
Thursday9/124:45 PMRyanTananaBoysField 1525
Thursday9/124:45 PMRandy SmithMonroeBoysField 2126
Thursday9/126:15 PMRyanTananaGirlsField 1327
Thursday9/126:15 PMRandy SmithMonroeGirlsField 2028
Monday9/164:45 PMMonroeNorth PoleGirlsField 2129
Monday9/164:45 PMRandy SmithTananaGirlsField 1330
Monday9/166:15 PMMonroeNorth PoleBoysField 2031
Monday9/166:15 PMRandy SmithTananaBoysField 1532
Tuesday9/174:45 PMRyanRandy SmithGirlsField 2133
Tuesday9/174:45 PMNorth PoleTananaGirlsField 1334
Tuesday9/175:00 PMNorth PoleTananaBoysField 1535
Tuesday9/176:15 PMRyanRandy SmithBoysField 2036
Wednesday9/184:45 PMNorth PoleRandy SmithGirlsField 1337
Wednesday9/184:45 PMRyanMonroeGirlsField 2138
Wednesday9/186:15 PMNorth PoleRandy SmithBoysField 1539
Wednesday9/186:15 PMRyanMonroeBoysField 2040

Click Here or the image below for a pdf of the Fall 2019 Field Map

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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

FYSA Complex Rules


To uphold the quality of the FYSA field complex and to promote a clean, healthy environment, the following guidelines must be followed by all individuals during usage of the complex: 

No PETS whatsoever within the complex.
Please be courteous in parking areas and obey posted signs.
Good sportsmanship. Always.
No profanity, harassment, bullying, disrespecting, etc. of other players, spectators, coaches or officials.
No smoking, vaping, tobacco products or alcohol.
No open flames.

No alteration, defacement, or installation of equipment. 
No vehicles or bicycles on the grass. 
No usage of fields without prior approval from FYSA. 
No overnight parking/camping.