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Registration for the Summer 2019 season is OPEN.
Details about all adult league programs will be added to this page in the coming days.

Winter Weekend Adult Leagues

 FYSA now offers indoor soccer programs for adults! 
 2 divisions to choose from: 
 Friday Night Recreational (Co-ed)  
 Saturday Night Competitive (Men's) 

 Read below for details and online registration! 

Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association now offers a specific option for adult soccer programs. While our mission is to support and promote youth soccer here in Fairbanks, helping manage adult programs can provide more opportunities for higher skilled teens to continue playing. Parents of youth players who may have never played or miss the days of when they did can enjoy our sport within the same organization their child is a part of. We hope to also foster relationships between the youth and adult soccer communities so that more adults than ever before feel the desire to give back to youth programs through refereeing, volunteer coaching, etc. and for youth continue playing as they get older (min. age 14 to play in adult leagues).

FYSA will still have high school recreational divisions that are completely for youth grades 9-12. These adult league options are for those who’d like a little more AND won’t conflict with youth options, so those who would like to play in both programs may do so!

In order to best serve the soccer community of Fairbanks, we will have 2 separate adult divisions. All are welcome to register for any program they feel is appropriate for their own skill level. Here we will outline general notes for each of the divisions and further below will be specific information that applies to both divisions.

Friday Night Recreational (Co-ed)
As the name implies, these games will take place on Friday nights. The term ‘Recreational’ is defined as ‘relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working’. This division is intended to be just that, a fun way for anyone who’d like to play soccer to do so. Players with experience may of course play in this Friday division, but the idea is to keep things recreational in all aspects of the spirit of the game. Randy Smith Middle School has been reserved from 7pm to 10pm. We can take up to 4 teams and game slots will last 90 minutes, meaning matches will be at 7pm or 8:30pm. Tentative start date is Friday Jan. 18th and 9 weeks of games are planned.

Saturday Night Competitive (Men's)
For years, a ‘men’s league’ has taken place on Saturday nights during the winter. We are continuing that traditionthrough the Competitive Men’s division. This division will be tailored for a much higher level of play than the Friday Recreational option and we have space to take up to 8 total teams for Saturdays. Tanana Middle School is reserved with tentative start date of Saturday Jan. 19th. Current plan is for games slots to last 90 minutes with matches at 5:15pm or 6:45pm and 9 weeks of games are planned.

Info that Applies to BOTH Divisions:

Season Duration. The ‘Fall’ session will end in December, with this 'Winter' season planned to begin late January. The tentative plan is for 9 weeks of games for each division. There are occasional weeks where other user groups or school activities take precedence, so our 9 weeks of games may span over the course of anywhere from 10-13 weeks.

Minimum Age. All players must be at least 14 years old by January. 1st to participate in the adult divisions. Players and teams that are members of Eclipse Soccer Club or Rush Soccer Club need to make sure they follow Alaska Youth Soccer’s policy on ‘Youth Players in Adult League’ to maintain their youth status and insurance. This policy can be found at
Team coaches/managers can contact FYSA for details on this approval process.

Facilities. All of our indoor programs take place on hard court surfaces, within school gyms, playing 5v5 soccer (including the goalkeeper). FYSA adult divisions will use ‘Futsal’ balls, which are slightly weighted, low-bounce balls used around the world for indoor soccer programs played on hard court surfaces. Each team captain will receive a game ball to use for the season. Adult soccer programs in Fairbanks have traditionally played off all surfaces in the gym and we will continue this practice solely to increase the total square footage of playing space in these gyms. Certain areas will be deemed out-of-bounds and protocols for avoiding fouls ‘on the wall’ will be in place.

Referees. Referees will be scheduled for the Saturday Men's Competitive division. Friday Co-ed Recreational games are very low-key and players keep themselves in check. Referees must be registered and approved through FYSA just as with all our youth programs. This involves employment paperwork as well as attending a short pre-season training clinic. This will apply to ANYONE wishing to officiate the FYSA-run adult leagues, regardless of their referee experience or involvement in the past. Contact FYSA if you’re interested in reffing adult (or youth!) soccer.

Price. School gyms and league insurance are expensive. The cost for registration is based on covering these expenses plus referees, admin. time, etc. Additionally, because this is the first year FYSA has offered adult soccer, the registration prices are set to ensure that we cover the cost for these new programs without the risk of adult divisions having to be subsidized by youth programs. The goal is to try and bring these prices down in the future through league sponsorships and donations specific to these new adult divisions.

Discounts. If you sign up for both the Friday and Saturday divisions, OR if you played in the Fall 2018 season, a $25 discount will automatically be applied in the checkout screen for your Winter 2019 registration. 

Jerseys/Uniforms. There will not be a required uniform for teams to purchase. Players on individual teams can coordinate plans for jerseys before the season begins and the default expectation is that everyone comes with both light and dark colored tops. We may also provide colored mesh pinnies if needed for games. Shinguards should be worn for soccer games. Soccer cleats obviously should not be worn on hard court surfaces. Indoor soccer shoes are great but regular non-marking athletic shoes are also acceptable.

Clarification of ‘Co-ed’ vs. ‘Men’s’. Teams will likely vary in the number of male/female players. ‘Co-ed’ simply means all players are welcome. There will be no set expectation for a specific gender ratio of players on the court during matches, however we prefer to not see teams that are all one gender. Captains should focus instead on ensuring that all players on their team are playing at least 50% of the available minutes in a match rather than obsessing over how many of a particular gender are in the game at any given time. ‘Men’s’ (for the Saturday Competitive division) also should be considered open to all players, but with the understanding that we anticipate this division to be primarily made up of men.

Individual Registration. One aspect that will be different with the FYSA adult divisions compared to other local adult soccer options is that all players must register individually. This is due to the need to have all player information available for insurance purposes prior to the start of the season as well as the requirement that every player in the league accept the sportsmanship commitment and applicable waivers that are part of the online registration. We also want to help eliminate the work of team captains footing the bill for everyone’s registration and then hoping to get reimbursed by their teammates as well as getting us their roster before the first game.

-What if I want to request a teammate? When you register there will be a field where you can input any requested teammate(s). If you’re planning to play on a certain team with a specific team captain, you can enter that too.
-What if I have a team already? Include the team name or captain in the field mentioned above during registration and we will make sure they’re placed on the correct squad. However, all players must register individually in order to play. Team captains can verify their expected rosters with the league prior to the season in case any players have not registered or additional players are needed to fill their roster. Its important that captains let FYSA know their approximate team sizes as soon as possible in case we need to adjust division caps accordingly.
-What if I forgot to include a name when I registered? You won’t be able to edit that on your end, but we can. Just reach out and we can update your order.
-What if we have a larger team? The cost for the season is based on teams of 10 players. Playing 5v5 and wanting to ensure everyone gets at least much time playing as they do on the bench, we anticipate a roster max of 10 per team. However, if team captains know that they will have fluctuating attendance or plan to roster more than 10 players for another reason, that will be allowed. Any team planning to roster more than 10 players should contact FYSA. The cost can be adjusted to reflect a breakdown of the 10 individual player fees plus $30 for each player over a squad of 10. The $30 covers the additional per-head insurance/player fee we pay. Because every player will register individually, teams in this situation should either have every player register as normal and FYSA can later adjust the amounts and issue appropriate partial refunds OR players can simply select that they’re going to pay via ‘Check’ in the checkout screen. This will leave an open balance, and then team captains and FYSA can coordinate if there needs to be an adjustment to each player’s order.
-What if we have a team with less than 10 players? Because the cost of the league is based on teams of 10, any team rostering less than 10 players will be expected to pay the difference to reach the full amount OR allow us to place additional 'Free Agent' players on their roster. For example, a team that wants to register 8 players and not allow any additional players to be added to their squad should expect to have an additional amount owed by all players to make up for the 2 empty spots (the per spot cost will be less than a full registration since we won't owe insurance on a 'phantom' player). We will deal with these matters closer to the start of the season, in case a team wants to add more players to fill these spots. To clarify, this only applies to teams that are pre-formed with their own set rosters. 'Free Agent' or mixed teams would not have to worry about adjusted prices based on their team size. Any open spots will remain available for late registrants to be added unless a team captain lets us know they want those spots left empty.
-Tell me again why we can't just do a single 'Team' registration?!?! Liability (insurance), accountability (sportsmanship commitment and waiver) and taking the burden of Team Captains having to front the money and try and get teammates to pay up. These are just a few of the factors why we want to stick with individual registrations for ALL players. 

Rosters. For the integrity of our programs, only players registered with FYSA should be participating in these adult division games. This is for the fairness to those who DO pay the registration fee, for the liability of unregistered individuals playing matches should an incident occur, and for the sake of accountability and sportsmanship. Team captains are expected to help us see that this is adhered to. Only registered players shall participate in games and referees will have access to rosters to verify players if needed. Should a player wish to join late or a team want to add a name to their roster after the season has begun, they should contact FYSA to get things squared away before that player participates.

Team Captains. Those who already have an existing team they play with and typically serve as a team captain, or those willing to fill this role in a mixed team of individuals aka ‘free agents’ can register for the Team Captain role online. They will receive a game ball to use for the season and will serve as the main point of contact with the league, referees, other teams, etc. We will also rely on captains to help ensure sportsmanship is being followed, that only registered players are participating, and any issues are communicated to the league. Team captains will receive a small discount code to use for the next season’s registration.

Sportsmanship. Upon registration, every player will be required to accept a waiver that includes a commitment to good sportsmanship as well as liability of risk, privacy policy, and other language necessary for the running of a sports league such as ours. All players are expected to abide by principles of good sportsmanship, at all times, even if they feel wronged or disagree with a call by a referee or decision of an opponent. This applies to interactions with opponents, referees, spectators, league administrators as well as their own teammates. Failure to follow sportsmanship commitments may result in a player or team’s disciplinary action per FYSA policies.

While there is a LOT of information contained here on this single page, it’s unlikely that we can answer every question or outline every detail. Feel free to contact FYSA for clarification on any information you find here or to ask specific questions that are not covered above. Email [email protected] or call 907-456-3972 and we’ll be happy to assist however we can.

Registration Listing

Adult League Summer 2019 Season

For more details about FYSA's Adult League, view the program info page here:

Tuesday Adult Co-ed Recreational 7v7 League

Registration closes on 07/28/2019 at 11:45 PM
Season Dates: 06/04/2019 to 08/06/2019

Tuesday Men's Competitive 11v11 League

Registration closes on 07/28/2019 at 11:45 PM
Season Dates: 06/04/2019 to 08/06/2019

Wednesday Women's Recreational 7v7 League

Registration closes on 07/28/2019 at 11:45 PM
Season Dates: 05/29/2019 to 08/07/2019

Thursday Adult Co-ed Competitive 11v11 League

Registration closes on 07/28/2019 at 11:45 PM
Season Dates: 05/30/2019 to 08/08/2019

Friday Adult Co-ed Pick-Up Soccer League

Registration closes on 07/28/2019 at 11:45 PM
Season Dates: 05/31/2019 to 08/09/2019

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Adult League Summer 2019 Season

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