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Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association

Indoor Soccer for Adults - Winter 2020

 Register to play in an adult indoor soccer league with FYSA!


 Returning players (those who played Fall 2019 season) will automatically have $20 taken off in the final checkout screen. Registering for multiple divisions will also trigger an additional $20 'volume discount' for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. division. 

Co-ed Recreational (games Tuesday)
Co-ed Recreational (games Friday)
Co-ed Competitive (games Wednesday)
Women's Recreational (games Thursday)
Men's Competitive (games Saturday)

 9 weeks of games per division. 
 Read below for details and online registration! 

At FYSA's January 2019 Annual Membership Meeting (AGM), our Bylaws involving the stated purpose of Fairbanks Youth Soccer were updated: 

Bylaw 102 – PURPOSE (emphasis added)
102.1 - The primary purpose of this association shall be for the education of individuals interested in the game of soccer, and for its promotion, and administration for players under nineteen years of age within the Fairbanks area.
102.2 - The secondary purpose of this Association shall be the same as referenced above, but for players nineteen years of age and older. This secondary purpose shall be to enhance efforts in fulfilling the Association’s primary purpose and shall not take precedence over, nor detract from said primary purpose.

Note: the minimum age for adult league registration is 14. In other words, higher level teenage players can participate in youth and/or adult soccer divisions if they so choose.

With this, in 2019 FYSA entered a new era of managing soccer activities in the Fairbanks region. Adult soccer programs are a great way to provide opportunities for older youth looking for a higher level of play, to keep individuals playing the game when they otherwise may have 'aged out', to provide chances for those who played when they were younger to get back in the sport, and for those adult soccer lovers to have connection with a youth program and potentially give back through volunteering.

For the 2019-2020 Indoor seasons, specific parameters are subject to change based on final enrollment numbers and gym availability as allocated to FYSA by the FNSBSD Building Rentals department. There may be other changes that are implemented as we strive to best serve the soccer community and administer high quality programs.

General Info for All Divisions

will close at 11:45pm on Sunday, January 5th in order for us to form teams, create schedules, etc. Players will still be able to register after this until all spots are filled.

Players can register to play as part of a pre-formed team or as an individual 'Free Agent'. Those without a full team can still indicate during registration any requested teammates to be paired with.

If someone wants to serve as a Team Captain, they sign up for that during registration. Captains should communicate with FYSA any expected roster information so we can know to block out player spots on their squad. Since all players register individually, we have their information, so Team Captains just need to send us names. It is expected that those wishing to form their own teams have a minimum of 8 players per roster. Team Captains are also expected to set the example in regards to sportsmanship, conveying information relevant to their team and keeping FYSA informed of anything we should be aware of. Note: you can sign up to be a Team Captain even if you meet the definition of a 'Free Agent'. Teams formed with those players will need a designated captain as well.

Only those listed on a team's Roster are permitted to participate in league games. Those wishing to be added can register online or contact FYSA directly if registration has closed.

Matches are played on hard court, school gym surfaces with a futsal ball (smaller, low bounce). Futsal is the standard for hard-court indoor soccer across the world, meant to keep the ball lower to the ground and closer to your feet. A brand new game ball will be provided to each team captain at the start of the season. Players can also purchase a new futsal ball during registration ($20) if they'd like. No other types of soccer balls are to be used for games. Substitutions on the fly, with games typically played as 5v5, playing off the walls and other surfaces. Slide tackling is not permitted for indoor soccer programs. Specific details regarding gameplay will be conveyed prior to the start of games. Goals are provided by FYSA and stored outside at the facilities we rent. These are to be brought in by the first teams and returned outside by the final teams each night.

Schedules get uploaded into the system and are viewable within your FYSA account. They can also be found on the public site's 'Posted Schedules' page, using the drop-down menus to filter to your schedule (just need to know your team name). The goal is for all divisions to be able to begin the week of January 20th, with 9 weeks of games. There are some dates that are not available due to gym availability. So, 9 weeks of games may span over 10, 11 or even 12 weeks, especially if a division has an odd number of teams resulting in 'bye week' situations. Games are typically scheduled for 90-minute slots unless certain circumstances occur (see Men's Comp. details below for exception). Weeknight divisions typically have gym times from 7pm to 10pm, so matches are either 7pm or 8:30pm. The season will end in early/mid April.

Co-ed Recreational games have traditionally taken place at Randy Smith Middle School. There are two options to choose from. One division will have games on Tuesdays. The other option will have games on Fridays. Both divisions can take up to 4 teams. You CAN register for both Co-ed Recreational Tuesday and Friday divisions, as well as any other available programs as the game nights will not conflict. 
*Update 1/31/20: The Friday co-ed recreational division will operate as  'pickup game', open gym style sessions. Registered players received an email with a description. If you have questions, feel free to contact FYSA!

Co-ed Competitive games are on Wednesdays, as we traditionally have Tanana Middle School available to us. This allows for 8 total teams to participate on one night.

Men's Competitive games will be on Saturdays at Ryan Middle School. In the Fall 2019 season, we had 8 teams registered for Men's Comp. which required us to adjust the game time slots from 90 minutes to 75 minutes. We issued partial refunds to compensate to all paid registrants. We anticipate a similar situation for the coming Winter 2020 season and have priced registration accordingly. If we end up with fewer teams, captains will be contacted and given the option to pay the previous, higher amount, but with the full 90 minute time slots, or keep it to 75 minutes and the current registration price.

Women's Recreational has sometimes struggled to field a full division. Currently we will push to get registrations following the same guidelines as the other recreational options. Games will still be planned for Thursday nights. If the number of players signed up for this isn't enough to field 4 teams, we WILL still schedule a single 90-minute time slot to have an open-gym, women's rec soccer night each week so that those interested in that option can be served. 

*Update 1/31/20: The format described above (open-gym) will be utilized. Players received a more detailed email. If you have questions, feel free to contact FYSA!

As stated above, the minimum age to participate in an adult division is 14. For the purpose of setting up registration, that will be '14 as of the first scheduled game' for each division. As the game schedules will not conflict, youth participating in an adult division are also permitted to register for their respective youth league division. 

Players and teams that are members of Eclipse Soccer Club should make sure they follow Alaska Youth Soccer’s policy on ‘Youth Players in Adult League’ to maintain their youth status and insurance. This policy can be found at 
Team coaches/managers can contact FYSA for details on this approval process.

When a division is listed as 'Co-ed', there are not specific parameters set at this moment as to requirements for on the court gender ratios during games. Details such as this will be conveyed prior to the first games along with other division-specific notes. The Men's Competitive division will still be available to any women wishing to register. The understanding is that the same gender ratio parameters for co-ed divisions will not apply to the Men's games.

All players who registered for the Fall 2019 will automatically have a 'Returning Player' discount (will show as a 'Volume Discount') of $20 applied during the checkout process. A $20 Volume Discount is also automatically applied for any 2nd, 3rd, or 4th division that a player registers for. Meaning if you sign up for Tuesday and Friday, one of those will be discounted. This applies even if you register at different times. A $10 family discount will also automatically apply to any additional family members registering for any adult divisions (spouses, parent/child, sibling, etc.). (Note: Those who played in the Summer 2019 season, check your email for a returning player $25 discount code that can be used for your first indoor registration, in case you didn't use it in the Fall 2019 season).

Uniforms. All players on the same team need to wear the same jersey. FYSA has a standard reversible red/silver jersey that is meant to be used for all players, unless the entire team has their own matching jerseys. During registration, you will be asked about jersey size and purchase needs. New players or those that need a new jersey can add one to their order for $16 which will be usable for future seasons as well. Shorts and socks are also available for purchase through FYSA ($4 each) as well as shinguards ($10). All players should be wearing shinguards during league games. Failure to do so is at your own risk.

No jewelry of any kind, including watches, shall be worn while playing soccer. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other piercings. Simply putting a piece of tape over a piece of metal does almost nothing to prevent possible injury. There are plenty of horrific images available (which we're inclined to not post here!) to illustrate potential damage to oneself or another player, that can be prevented by removing jewelry prior to soccer activities. While some may respond that new piercings can't be taken out otherwise the tissue might close, this is not the case for the short period of time a player is on the field. If there is a concern of this nature, a parent can help a player replace the piercing as soon as a player is subbed off the field and remove them before going back in. Just like other preventable injuries, no one who has had this happen to themselves would have thought it was possible that it would be a such a concern, until it was. It might be uncomfortable to remove and replace a piercing, but the potential for serious injury is of far more concern.  

Referees will be scheduled for any divisions where it is deemed appropriate to do so (typically just the 'Comp' divisions). Referees are to be respected, even when a call is not in a team's favor. Any player dismissed (red card) from a match is to leave the facility. Refusal to do so may result in the match being terminated. If a game has been terminated by a referee, teams continuing to play are doing so at their own risk. Such gameplay would not be considered a sanctioned activity and any league insurance coverage is not extended. Teams/players that do not abide by the authority of referees or league officials/administrators may be removed from participation, either temporarily or for the remainder of the season without refund of registration payments. The need for more adults to step up and serve as referees in the Fairbanks soccer community is as dire as ever. For FYSA to continue to provide adult soccer programming, individuals are needed to answer the call. If you are interested in becoming a referee, please contact us for more information. Referees are not volunteers and are paid by the league for their time and effort. Training is provided at no cost and individuals can serve in whatever capacity they are comfortable with flexible scheduling.

During  registration every player will be required to accept a waiver that includes a commitment to good sportsmanship as well as liability of risk, privacy policy, and other language necessary for the running of a sports league such as ours. All players are expected to abide by principles of good sportsmanship, at all times, even if they feel wronged or disagree with a call by a referee or actions of an opponent. This applies to interactions with opponents, referees, spectators, league administrators as well as their own teammates. Failure to follow sportsmanship commitments may result in a player or team’s disciplinary action per FYSA policies. Those playing in more than one division (including youth) may have disciplinary actions that result from misconduct carry over into their other division. There are no rankings being kept or trophies to be awarded at the end of each season. We are all part of the same soccer community in one way or other and our goal is to keep that spirit of the game present in all our activities.

There is a lot of information contained here on this page! If you have any questions not answered above or need assistance with registration, feel free to contact FYSA at [email protected] or call 907-456-3972

 Remember, all returning players (those who played Fall 2019 season) will automatically have $20 taken off in the final checkout screen. Registering for multiple divisions will also trigger an additional $20 'volume discount' for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. division. 

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