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 Soccer families can now purchase soccer cleats directly through FYSA! 

Here in the FYSA summer office we have a set of sample cleats, one of each size, of some awesome new soccer cleats made by Vizari Soccer. Families can stop by anytime during office hours, try on a pair, determine their size, and place their order with us. FYSA will submit a bulk order to our supplier after May 9th (and again on future dates as needed) so families can pick up their cleats when they arrive in prior to the summer soccer season.  Additionally, we currently have select stock of cleats available to purchase and take home NOW (leftover stock from summer 2019).

Vizari will be donating 40% of all sales back to FYSA, so we're pretty excited to help get our players outfitted and see a return to the organization on every purchase!

The FYSA summer office is located at 1901 Wilbur St. (At the soccer fields). Office hours are Monday-Friday 10AM to 7PM and Saturday 10AM to 4PM

All of the cleats picture in the flyer will be available for order and the sample set we received has consistent fit between the different styles, colors and sizes. There are options for soccer players big and small, with sizes as small as 7C in kids up through 13 for older youth and adults.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 907-456-3972

Protect the Head Like We Protect the Shins!



New for 2020! FYSA is excited to partner with Unequal, a company dedicated to reducing the risk of sports injuries through protective gear for athletes of all ages. Their Halo 3 headgear is ultimate in head protection for soccer, flag football, volleyball & cheerleading. These can be purchased during the online registration process ($50) for both youth and adult players or ordered in person at the FYSA office, similar to our cleat purchasing process. 

From Unequal’s Halo 3 product information:
“Reduces risk of head injury”. It’s a bold statement. We make no claim to prevent or eliminate concussions. Nothing can. Unequal helps reduce risk. Unequal tech is born out of the military. We adapted this protective power to sports applications. Our military-grade composite includes a patented coated aramid fabric and other advanced materials combined to disperse and deflect blunt force trauma and impact shock better than typical plastics and foams.

The Unequal Halo 3 has received high marks in 3rd party independent research at Virginia Tech. In fact, their data shows our complete line of protective headgear to be the best performing in the country. Halo 3 received Virginia Tech’s “Recommended” 4-Star Rating. Just like a headband but so much more. Be first to the ball with confidence-boosting protection. Halo 3 reduces risk of head injury from falls, collisions, headers, accidents (compared to no head protection). With patented, military grade Nuro Tech to absorb and disperse impact forces and reduce harmful head acceleration. Halo 3 was designed for a fashionable and comfortable look. Weighs less than 2oz and just 6mm thin. Does not alter ball rebound speed or direction. Endorsed by 2019 World Cup Champion Ali Krieger.

Benefits and Features:

  • Reduces risk of head injury (vs. playing with no headgear) through 360 degree protection
  • Absorbs, disperses impact, reduces acceleration
  • Boost of confidence from increased resilience
  • Weighs less than 2oz
  • Just 6mm thin
  • Snug, stretchy fit with a sleek, low profile
  • Nylon outer layer with Airilon comfort foam
  • Engineered with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabrics for sweat and odor and management
  • Complies with FIFA Laws of the Games parameters for permitted player equipment and tested to ASTM F2439-11
  • For age groups that permit heading the ball: Does not effect header rebound speed or control with proper heading technique and is perfect for heading situations in set pieces and corner kicks.

For more information, visit

Player Equipment

What does my youth soccer player need?
A soccer player's uniform consists of 5 items and they all begin with 'S': Shirt, Shorts, Shinguards, Socks and Shoes.
A soccer ball is also required for all youth league participants.
Please read through each category to understand uniform guidelines for your child.

ALL recreational players (PreK through High School) must have the FYSA blue/green reversible jersey. Many players already have theirs, which is great. If a player is new to FYSA or has lost, grown out of or worn out their previous jersey, these can be purchased during the registration process ($16) and will be available for pickup prior to the start of the season. Our reversible jerseys have numbers on both blue and green sides. Individual players or teams are welcome to take their jersey to get a name printed on the back.

During games, the 'Home' team wears their jerseys with blue on the outside and the away team wears green.

Some teams may receive an additional set of shirts with a sponsor logo that should be worn for all the 'Home' games for the season and for team picture day, to highlight our local sponsors who help support our programs!

Note: For PreK players, the only required gear is the FYSA jersey and a soccer ball. Other items such as shorts, shinguards, soccer socks, etc. are optional at this age.

The following sizing chart is provided by the uniform manufacturer, Score Sports. The comparisons give an indication of size only and are by no means exact as sizes vary from brand to brand.

 Score Sports Size Similar to Youth Size
 Youth XXS 3T - 4T
 Youth XS 4 - 5
 Youth Small 5 - 6
 Youth Medium 7-8
 Youth Large 10 - 12
 Adult Small 14 - 16
Addiitional sizes available for Adult Medium, Large, and XL through 4XL

If you need to change the size you ordered during registration due to an unexpected pre-summer growth spurt, or you come pick up your jersey only to realize you selected the wrong size, no problem. FYSA will order extra and unless we run out of a certain size, we can swap any jersey that hasn't been used for a practice or game yet.

SHORTS: All recreational players in grades K-12 shall wear BLACK shorts for soccer games. These can be purchased from FYSA through the registration process for $4. Players do not have to use the exact type of shorts that FYSA sells, but they must be black and they shall be a loose, athletic style. Volleyball, spandex, denim or cycling type shorts are not acceptable. PreK players are permitted to wear athletic pants, sweats, etc. Goalkeepers are permitted to wear pants as are other players with religious preferences (skirts are also acceptable in this case). Additionally, if the weather is cold, wet, etc. referees will typically not be concerned with players choosing to wear pants for those games, provided they are free of metal or other hazards (zippers, buttons, etc.) and shinguards are still worn underneath.

SHINGUARDS: All players shall wear shinguards for any scheduled soccer activities. These can be purchased through FYSA during the registration process for $10. PreK players will not be turned away if they show up without shinguards. However, because they are required for all games in Kindergarten and older age divisions, the PreK age is the perfect time to get used to the feeling of this important piece of equipment.

SOCKS: This is an easy one! Socks must cover the shinguards completely :) These can be purchased from FYSA through the registration process for $4. Players do not have to use the exact type of socks that FYSA sells. Unlike a player's shorts (black), there is no mandated color requirement for socks for our league. 

SHOES: Did you know that soccer players are NOT required to wear soccer cleats?! Regular tennis shoes are acceptable for outdoor soccer participation, but of course, soccer cleats add great traction on the field. For those who DO wear cleats, they must be SOCCER cleats. Football cleats have additional studs that are not suitable for our type of game play and the structure of these cleats is less ideal for the type of movement during a typical soccer match. Other cleats such as for baseball or running are also not acceptable due to differences in shoe and stud (cleat) design and for safety purposes. If you have any questions about the difference between the various types of cleats, feel free to search online or ask us!

BALLS: All players are required to have their own soccer ball. You can purchase one through FYSA directly during registration ($10) or indicate at that step that you already have a ball or intend to purchase one elsewhere prior to the start of the season. 
For reference:
PreK, Kindergarten and 1st-2nd Grade divisions (aka 8U and younger) use a size 3 soccer ball.
3rd-4th Grade and 5th-6th Grade divisions (aka 9U-12U) use a size 4 soccer ball.
Middle School, High School and Adult divisions (aka 13U and older) use a size 5 soccer ball.

JEWELRY: A final note on player equipment: No jewelry or watches of any kind should be worn while playing soccer. This includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other piercings. Simply putting a piece of tape, or band-aid, over a piece of metal does almost nothing to prevent possible injury. There are plenty of horrific images available (which we're inclined to not post here!) to illustrate potential damage to oneself or another player, that can be prevented by removing jewelry prior to soccer activities. While some may respond that new piercings can't be taken out otherwise the tissue might close up, this is not the case for the short period of time that a player is on the field. If there is a concern of this nature, a parent can help a player replace the piercing as soon as a player is subbed off the field and remove them before going back in. Just like other preventable injuries, no one who has had it happen to them would have thought that it could be such a concern, until it was. It might be uncomfortable to remove and replace a piercing, but the potential for serious injury is of far more concern. (Note: medical alert bracelets are permitted per US Soccer policy, provided they are firmly secured/taped to the player's wrist).


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