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Weekday, daytime, indoor soccer clinics, run by FYSA staff.  Our clinics will focus on improving both individual player skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.) as well as team skills as a group. This is done through simple drills, fun games and small-sided scrimmages. Group sizes will be limited! This is a great option for families who homeschool and our 7th-10th grade clinics are scheduled for 3pm to hopefully allow for more youth to participate after school.

Clinics are for players ages 3 (as of 10/25/21) up through 10th grade, separated into age groups of PreK, Kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade, 3rd-4th grade, 5th-6th grade, and 7th-10th grade. The typical birthdate windows that FNSBSD uses will be utilized (i.e. age 5 by Sept. 1st for Kindergarten, age 6 by Sept. 1st for 1st grade, etc.). If your child's grade doesn't align with these typical age ranges, or if you'd like your participant to 'play up' in an older group, feel free to contact us for assistance. If registering more than one child, a small discount will apply for any siblings in the checkout screen.


Clinics will begin the week of October 25th and run for 4 consecutive weeks. When you register for a clinic, this includes a weekly, 1-hour session (45 min. for PreK clinics), on the same day/time, for all 4 weeks. You CAN register for more than one group  and a small discount applies for additional clinic slots. See the chart below for details on day/time options for each age group.

Clinics will be held at The Lighthouse (formerly Door of Hope Church), located at 270 Fairhill Road. There are some important things to know about his location! First off, this address technically has 2 large buildings. As you com up Fairhill Rd., do not turn into the first entrance for the lower building. We will be in the UPPER building just a little further along. Parking here will be to the right of the main building (east side) and the entrance is on the far end of the building (north side). Fairhill Rd. is on a hill! For those who have a vehicle that might not do well this time of year on that much of an incline (no winter tires, 2WD, etc) you can instead go the back way, driving around Trax Outdoor Center (from the Steese/Farmers Loop intersection, right after you come onto Fairhill Rd., take an immediately left onto Birch Hill Rd. then a quick right on Kniffen Rd.). Take this route up, around a corner (going right) and in through the back gate of The Lighthouse (useful, marked up map is posted further below on this page). This path has a much more gradual slope for those who need it!

What to wear?
Proper footwear (regular tennis shoes or indoor soccer shoes) are required (no sandals, boots, hiking shoes, soccer cleats, etc.). Shinguards are required for all ages except PreK. Shorts or long, soft athletic pants/sweats are expected. If shorts are worn, soccer socks that cover the shinguards are required. These 3 items (shinguards, shorts, socks) are available for purchase directly from FYSA through the registration form. There is no required player jersey, just wear comfortable, athletic clothes and be ready to run and play! All other gear will be provided for use during the clinics (balls, colored mesh pinnies, training equipment, etc). We've also learned over the years that a direct reminder for players to always bring a water bottle is worth throwing in here :)

Can a homeschool allotment pay for this?
Most likely! FYSA has connections with IDEA, FOCUS, and Raven homeschool programs as an approved vendor. You're more than welcome to register and pay for participating and submit your receipt (confirmation email will have all you need) to your own program. Alternatively, FYSA can also bill directly to your respective organization, just be sure to get prior approval if required for your specific program. If you are registering and wanting us to bill a homeschool program, you have 2 things to do! First, go through the registration process, all the way to the end. In the final checkout screens you'll have the option to put in credit card info. Instead, select that you'll pay via 'Check' and this will allow you to register while leaving an open balance on the account. Make sure you click that final Submit button! You should receive a confirmation email shortly after. The 2nd thing we need is for you to let us know directly that you'd like us to bill your homeschool program. There will likely be a form we need you to sign and we'll prepare those materials and follow up later. 

Any COVID-19 parameters to be aware of?
This facility does not require that those present wear a face mask, nor will it be mandated by FYSA itself. Those choosing to do so, even players participating in the clinic, are more than welcome to do so. It is expected that those present will also follow best practices for social distancing among unrelated family groups on the sidelines (yes, parents and siblings are absolutely welcome to hang out during your clinic times). The nature of soccer activities inherently involves occasional to frequent, albeit short, situations of close contact and proximity between players and coaches. Hand sanitizer will be available and shared training equipment will be cleaned regularly. Additionally, families are expected to self-monitor.  Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have had recent close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, or if themselves are waiting on results of a COVID test, should refrain from attending until those situations are resolved. Our goal is to enjoy our activities together while being mindful of the current health considerations of those participating and our overall community. Regardless of the varying views and preferences on these matters, an overriding spirit of respect and sportsmanship is expected of all those willingly choosing to engage with us for these clinics.

Will we be doing this kind of thing again in the future?
Definitely maybe? :) Indoor playing space for activities and programs like ours are absolutely a challenge. There may be some weeknight times available to us in December, some additional daytime opportunities in January/February, etc. We will continue to offer these additional soccer options through out the winter whenever we are able to secure space and staffing to make them happen.

We allow those! For more information, specific questions, for assistance with registration, to help adjust age group options for a player outside of a typical grade/birthdate window, or for a player who would like to play up in an older group, don't hesitate to contact FYSA at [email protected] or 907-456-3972

Clinic Schedules for the weeks of October 25 to November 15:

Youth Indoor Weekday Clinics Registration

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