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If you are interested in becoming a referee for FYSA, please contact us! New referees will have pre-clinic, online training to complete. Instructions for the pre-clinic training will be provided to those who contact us expressing interest.

Clinics will be scheduled prior to the summer 2020 season. If you have not already please contact us so you can start the online training and be ready to go when our next clinics are set! Those attending these clinics will be set to be able to officiate in this coming summer season (we will have a separate field-training in late May for all summer referees, new and old). Those who are able to start officiating for the coming FNBSD High School soccer season this spring are encouraged to attend the adults-only clinic (separate officials meeting will take place for all HS referees, new and old).

Clinics take place at the FYSA winter office at 1422 Hampstead Ave. There is no cost to attend a clinic, however the online training must be completed in advance. There are also some uniform items to be purchased for new referees, however FYSA subsidizes and provides a full uniform kit at a highly reduced rate.

The minimum age for paid-officiating, per state labor laws, is 14 (meaning age 14 prior to their first assigned game). Youth who are 13 years old are also permitted to officiate on a volunteer basis if desired.

If you plan to attend a clinic or have any questions whatsoever about being a referee with FYSA, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

Bryce Melegari
FYSA Referee Coordinator
[email protected]
Colt Chase
FYSA Executive Director
[email protected]
907-456-3972 (FYSA office)
907-987-6334 (cell. ok to text!)

Certification and Employment:
United States Soccer Federation (USSF) referee certification is not required to officiate FYSA recreational league games. However, attending a training clinic is required for all officials. A refereeā€™s level of training and certification determines the level of games they're permitted to officiate. Those who choose to seek becoming USSF certified referees will have more options available to them outside of FYSA soccer schedules and those opportunities are great for development and growth. FYSA encourages any referees interested in pursuing USSF certification to do so and we can help facilitate that process, just let us know!

Referees that officiate FYSA games are considered employees of the organization. Prior to any assigned games, standard employment paperwork (W4, I9, etc.) must be completed. Certification with USSF does include a registration fee and there are some uniform items that are required to be purchased. FYSA assists with certain required uniform components while others are the responsibility of the referee. NOTE: we cannot employ anyone under the age of 14 per labor laws. Those under this minimum age, or those interested solely in volunteer officiating, are still welcome to attend any training we offer. If a youth wants to attend a clinic prior to turning 14 and then complete employment requirements after their birthday and begin working after that point, they're permitted to do so. Contact us for more info.

Referees: submit your game report here (click the image).