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12th Annual Jennifer Templeton 4v4 Memorial Soccer Tournament


The 12th Annual Jennifer Templeton 4v4 Memorial Soccer Tournament will take place April 13th-14th, 2019.

Register online through FYSA. This year, all players will register individually. However, you will still form your own teams. Each players signs up on their own and someone from the team will contact us at [email protected] to let us know what your team name is and the the players on your squad. Those who do not have a team can also register and indicate that they are a 'Free Agent' in the registration steps. We'll do our best to get you placed on a team and if that's not possible, we'll let you know and offer a refund.

Registration ends on Monday, April 1st. However, to ensure you get a tournament t-shirt, make sure you sign up by March 26th (since the shirt order must be placed in advance).

This event is held in memory of Jennifer Templeton, the Phoenix Soccer Club '94 coach, whose passion and dedication to the sport of soccer touched all who knew her. Proceeds from this tournament will benefit Eclipse Soccer Club teams, with a portion going to the Eclipse Scholarship Fun, which provides for players in financial need, in memory of Jennifer Templeton.

The JTT is a co-ed tournament for players 9U and older, including an adult division. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players and maximum of 6 players. Teams must have at least 2 males and 2 females. As a 4v4 mini-tournament there are special rules of play with short, fast-paced matches. These will be posted closer to the event and made available to all participants. The entry fee for the tournament ($25 per player) guarantees a minimum of 3 games.

For more information, visit and don't hesitate to contact FYSA with registration related questions or assistance.


With this being a special event there are rules specific for the 4V4 Tournament. We have provided those rules below in list form.

1.    No coaching permitted at any time.  Only assistance for substitutions.

2.    Roster Size:
A.  Maximum roster size – 6
B.  Minimum roster size – 4
3.   4 players permitted on the court.
A.  Teams must always have 2 female and 2 male players on the court.
B.  If teams do not maintain 1:1 female to male ratio they must play with only 3 players on the court.
4.   Minimum number of players needed to play game – 3
A.  If a team does not have 3 or more players at the scheduled start time, the team lacking players will forfeit, 1-0.  Teams can then swap players as they would like and scrimmage with a referee for the remaining time.
B.  If a team only has 3 players at start time, they may start the game.  If a fourth player arrives rule 3A applies.
5.   Substitutions allowed on the fly.
6.   Games are 20 minutes in duration, continuous running time, with no halftime and no timeouts.
7.   No offsides
8.   No goalies or goal box.  (A player guarding the goal is not a goalie).
9. No playing off walls, except the far wall, opposite the timekeeper/scorekeeper.
A.  Balls crossing the touchline will be kicked in from the spot they went out.
10.  For balls passed over the end/goal line last touched by offensive team
A.  Goal kick is awarded to defending team roughly 10 feet in front of goal.
B.  Ball is not in play until it leaves defined penalty area (three-point arc).
C.  Player kicking the ball in may not contact ball again until touched by another player.
11.  For balls passed over the goal line last touched by defensive team – corner kick is awarded to offensive team.
12.Tie games are counted as ties in preliminary round – no overtimes.
13.  Tournament points will be awarded as follows:
A.  Win: 3 points
B.  Tie: 1 point
C.  Loss: 0 points
14.Tournament Standings:
A.  Teams with the most points will advance.
B.  In the event of a tie between teams that would advance to the playoffs, advancing team is determine by the following criteria:
                     i.        Head-to-Head competition: If the two teams that are tied have played each other in the
preliminary round, the winner of that game will receive the higher standing. (Not used if more than two
teams tied.)
                    ii.        Goal differential (up to seven per game).
                  iii.        Goals allowed (fewest) – up to seven per game.
                  iv.        Goals scored – up to seven per game
                   v.        Coin flip
15.  Play-Off Rules
A.  No tournament points are awarded – the team with the most goals advances.
In the event of a tie, the golden goal rule will apply and the first to score will advance.

Registration Listing

Jennifer Templeton 4v4 Memorial Tournament 2019

For more information about this event, see the Jennifer Templeton 4v4 Tournament page here:

Jennifer Templeton 4v4 Tournament 2019

Registration closes on 04/01/2019 at 11:45 PM
Season Dates: 04/13/2019 to 04/14/2019