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Registration is now open for 'I Can Play Soccer 2' Summer 2019 sessions!


Do you have a toddler who has been jealous of older siblings who play soccer? Are you looking for a low-cost activity for you and your little one? Curious about trying out PreK soccer before signing up for a full season in the future? We are excited to offer 'I Can Play Soccer 2', a simple way for toddlers to enjoy a mini soccer soccer experience. This is meant for 2 year olds, but will be open for those just slightly outside of that age range. Contact us if the system won't let you register due to a child's birthdate.

There will be a variety of sessions with different day/time options, including mornings and evenings. Each session will be 45 minutes, led by an FYSA staff coach and include various age-appropriate activities both soccer-related and general organized PreK athletic mini-games. Each time slot will be capped at 8 participants (16 if 2 coaches are available) and registration will remain open until a group is full.  

Each session will be $5.  Players are welcome to register for as many sessions as they'd like. Note: the first session you register for will include a one-time $5 charge for an FYSA soccer shirt. 

Activities will take place at the FYSA soccer complex on Wilbur Street and Davis Road. Wear whatever is comfortable. Shinguards and cleats are not required. Just bring water and a smile!

We're excited to offer this introductory program for the littlest soccer lovers in Fairbanks and look forward to seeing these young superstars on the field.



The following email was sent Sunday June 2nd


This email is going out to all those who have a little one registered for FYSA’s ‘I Can Play Soccer 2’ program as of tonight. This fun ‘try-it-out’ soccer program is a great way for toddlers to enjoy not just the basics of soccer, but an introduction to organized group physical activity.

There aren’t complicated details to go over for ICPS2 participants, but we’ll share a few important notes here.

Location. All ICPS2 session will take place at the FYSA field complex located at 1901 Wilbur Street. The main entrance is from Wilbur and you can check out for a very useful field map. In the center, by the Office, you’ll see an area noted as ‘ICPS2’ and that’s where everything will occur.

Parking. The daytime sessions occur when there is usually less going on at the fields. For those 10am, 11am and sometimes 12pm sessions, you are welcome to park down near the office. In the evenings, our 6pm session attendees should park in the main parking lot as the large number of youth and families present on the fields during league nights requires us to keep as little traffic in that center road as possible.

Schedule. Since this isn’t a ‘team’ type program with a season-long schedule, the best way to know when you’re supposed to be out here is to simply log into your account and take note of all the various times that are listed right under your players little profile in the center of the My Account screen. Each registration item listed a day, date and time for your ICPS2 session and that’s all you need!

What to Bring/Wear. There is no required uniform for these sessions. Just come dressed comfortable and ready to play. Each participate receives and FYSA shirt when they come to their first session. No need to bring a soccer ball as we have a nice stash of size 2 balls to use during the session which are perfectly sized for this age of player. Actually, if you’d like to purchase one of those size 2 balls to keep, just ask. We have lots of them still new and unused and available for $5. Lastly, don’t forget to bring water. We have some warm weeks ahead from the looks of it!

What to Expect. A coach will be there for each session to lead kiddos through various activities and games. The idea is for them to learn some basics soccer aspects while having fun in an organized physical activity setting. In other words, not every little activity during the session will be 100% soccer-focused, although it all comes back to that. 45 minutes has typically been the longest these sessions last until these little ones are all ready to be done. Some days they may all be soccer-ed out earlier than that. But we’ll have a consistent small group of coaches over the summer taking the lead with ICPS2 and sharing ideas with eachother while keeping things consistent. The goal is fun times, planting a seed of love for soccer or sport in general at this young age.

Weather. Soccer still happens in the rain. If its wet and gloomy, we’ll likely still plan to have a coach there and ready to play. It doesn’t hurt to let us know if you plan to not show up on a day like that. But otherwise, cancellations are typically only related to issues such as lightning, massive saturation of the grass or air-quality (smoke) beyond certain level. If something is to be cancelled, we will let you know.

Changes. If you see your schedule and want to request shifting to a different slot, just take a look online at the registration page and send us an email with details of your request. There is some flexibility most times. Additionally, our goal is to have at least 4 kiddos signed up for each session, to make it a worthwhile experience for everyone. Occasionally we may reach out if a session doesn’t have enough players signed up and if so, we’ll provide some options for changing to a different time slot. Sometimes its simply a matter of having a small group of those signed up at 10am and 11am, but everyone is happy to combine those small groups for that day.

Some time slots are FULL. We typically cap these groups at 8 kiddos to make sure its not too much insanity for the coach! You may have registered for certain dates no problem and you may have added your player to other dates that were ‘Wait-listed’. If a spot opens up and your child is added from a wait-list, the system will notify you and please take that moment to log in and pay the balance or let us know if something has changed and you do no want that time slot any more so we can offer it to the next person. Lastly, if you wanted to sign up for more sessions, you can do so at any point during the season.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Some of you we will see right away on Monday morning at 10am. Others are later in the week or later in the month. Regardless, we look forward to seeing you and your little one soon enough so that (They) Can Play Soccer 2 :)

Thank you!

Colt Chase
FYSA Executive Director
[email protected]com
907-456-3972 office
907-987-6334 cell

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